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Learning Moments: Teachers in America Podcast Season 2
New episodes for 2020! Hosted by Noelle Morris; a podcast for teachers, celebrating teachers. Hear firsthand from the K-12 teachers who are shaping young lives around the country every day.
Onalee Smith
Shaped Staff
January 21, 2020
Meet Noelle Morris: Host of Teachers in America Podcast
Get to know veteran educator, the original READ 180 teacher, and host of our HMH Learning Moments: Teachers in America podcast: Noelle Morris.
Onalee Smith
Shaped Staff
Noelle Morris
Director of Professional Events, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
January 17, 2020
Media Literacy Op-Ed: I'm Worried but Hopeful
Dock, host of Shaping the Future, reflects on the recent podcast episode on media literacy.
Dr. David Dockterman
Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Podcast Host, HMH Learning Moments: Shaping the Future
December 11, 2019
Learning Moments: Shaping the Future Podcast Season 1
Learn strategies to improve student outcomes and better shape the future of education through podcast conversations with experts about major topics affecting the K-12 industry. Hosted by Dr. David Dockterman.
Onalee Smith
Shaped Staff
November 20, 2019
Podcast: Future Skills for Fact-Checking Online Fakes
Listen to a podcast on teaching media literacy in the classroom and developing effective media literacy programs in schools, featuring Katy Byron (MediaWise at Poynter) and Erik Palmer (author and former teacher).
Onalee Smith
Shaped Staff
November 19, 2019
Podcast: Teaching Impeachment and Controversial Issues
Listen to a 15-minute conversation about how teachers can facilitate difficult classroom discussions, particularly considering questions that may arise about the impeachment inquiry currently in the news.
Onalee Smith
Shaped Staff
November 12, 2019
Podcast: Preparing Future Voters and the Influence of Educators
Listen to a podcast on the objectives of civic education, the role of schools in teaching civics, and how to remain non-partisan while creating informed future voters. Featuring Sylvia Acevedo (CEO, Girl Scouts) and Dr. Emma Humphries (Chief Education Officer, iCivics).
Onalee Smith
Shaped Staff
October 29, 2019
HMH Learning Moments Podcast
A podcast for K-12 teachers and educators covering the ever-changing learning landscape.
Shaped Staff
October 15, 2019
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