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Welcome to HMH's podcasts, focused on the ever-changing learning landscape. From educators in the classroom to leaders outside the field of education, each episode is a chance to create connections, hear stories, and explore the ideas and innovations that will improve student outcomes and influence the future of K-12 education.

Join us on Teachers in America to hear the incredible stories of real teachers. By connecting with educators across the country, host Noelle Morris explores ideas about improving student outcomes, incorporating SEL and equity in the classroom, and adjusting to new challenges like remote learning. Learn more about Noelle in this Q&A. Subscribe now to Teachers in America on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Check out the Shaping the Future podcast to hear from innovators, experts, and industry leaders. Host Matthew Mugo Fields explores the future beyond the classroom and seeks to understand what an unpredictable future might hold for our students.

Teachers in America Season 6

Teachers in America Season 5

Teachers in America Season 4
Teachers in America Season 3
Teachers in America Season 2

This Year on Shaping the Future, Hosted by Matthew Mugo Fields

We're excited to have EVP and General Manager Matthew Mugo Fields join us for Shaping the Future season 2 as he interviews industry experts on topics that range from artificial intelligence to cyber security in schools. Subscribe to Shaping the Future on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Shaping the Future Season 2

Previously on Teachers in America . . .

Season 1: Teachers in America, Hosted by Rose Else-Mitchell

We debuted Teachers in America in May 2019 with season one of our cornerstone series, Teachers in America, featuring educators who discuss real classroom experiences. We are so honored to share their stories with you. Hear more from the teachers we talked to in 2019.

Previously on Shaping the FutureTM . . .

Season 1: Shaping the Future, Hosted by Dr. David Dockterman

Shaping the Future is hosted by Dr. David Dockterman (Dock), an education lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as he talks to both education experts and thought leaders from other industries. Together, they examine leading K-12 industry issues and offer insights for educators to best shape the future of education. Listen here to learn about the future of the workforce, civics education in a changing world, and media literacy in the digital era.


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