Podcast: Summer Hiatus and Podcast Awards

Summer Hiatus and Podcast Awards

A full transcript of the announcement appears below; it has been edited for clarity.

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Noelle Morris: Hey, teacher friends! Well, it's time for a well-earned break. We all deserve it, (even the Teachers in America team!). Because we survived another year of virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning. As we go into our summer hiatus, I wanted to recommend a few episodes just in case you're new to the podcast, or want to go back to an older season.

My favorite episode is LaQuisha Hall’s. That was my first time podcasting, interviewing, going into a teacher's classroom. I just loved everything about it. I loved the ability to hug. I loved seeing LaQuisha’s classroom. And from that conversation, guess what? There’s still a friendship and a connection.

Words from a Teacher Influencer with LaQuisha Hall

My next favorite Julia Allen. It was so amazing to me—a teacher who's teaching kindergarten in the classroom where she was once a kindergarten student. How often does that happen? My mind was blown by this.

Wearing the Kindness Cape with Julia Allan

Because it's so hard to narrow it down to just a few of my favorites, I would be remiss if I did not mention my interview with Angelica Moreno. I loved talking about her childhood, her move to the United States, her family, her classroom, her perspective as being a teacher, and just overall happiness of culture and loving what we do.

Lessons in Language and Loss with Angelica Moreno

Finally, I love talking to CJ Reynolds. Man, talk about two people that come in with the same energy. Just so y'all know, I accidentally left the rest of the Teachers in America team standing there like, “Wait, did they already start the conversation?” Everybody wants a friend like CJ, where you can just walk up and start a conversation, whether it was from yesterday or two years past.

Creating Classroom Content Worth Watching with CJ Reynolds

One more announcement: Teachers in America is nominated in the 16th Annual Podcast Awards. Woo-hoo! If you like the show, please head over to [voting through July 31, 2021], register to vote, and choose Teachers in America under the Education category. It would mean the world to us. We always have a blast on the podcast, and I'm so looking forward to connecting to you all again in the fall.

Until then, you can catch more podcast episodes over on Shaping the Future, hosted by Matthew Mugo Fields. Great conversations and insights happening there too.

You can also reach out to us at Thanks for listening. Always, your friend, Noelle.

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