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Engage readers’ imaginations with exciting nonfiction
Grades K–5 Literacy Curriculum Core

Motivating students to read nonfiction requires capturing their attention and sparking their sense of wonder. Awe-inspiring artwork and photography, paired with strategic text placement, help draw students into a wide range of cross-curricular topics.

inFact’s leveled readers for Grades K–5 provide nonfiction informational texts that encourage students to read closely and find evidence while boosting their comprehension skills to propel them to success on high-stakes standardized tests.

With precise leveling across 91 titles, inFact ensures just the right book for every student.

Intrigue. . .inform. . .involve. . .inspire. . .inFact!

Propel student performance on standardized tests

inFact’s nonfiction, informational leveled texts accelerate students’ reading growth and help them become more familiar with the type of content found in the reading comprehension passages of standardized state tests.

Take students on a nonfiction learning adventure

inFact is nonfiction with a storytelling feel, following engaging characters as they explore science, social studies, and art topics. For upper elementary grades, inFact covers contemporary issues that students can relate to.

Target: ELA and SEL skills

Take and Teach lessons with close reading guiding questions, SEL prompts, and a unique “Skills Focus” (claim, point of view, compare and contrast) build background knowledge, comprehension, and confidence.

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Explore inFact's invaluable features

inFact takes students on an educational adventure to learn about a variety of topics, including the ocean, space, nature, dinosaurs, art, and technology.

The glossary and index in each title help build academic vocabulary. Each book’s table of contents allows for quick reference and sequencing help when supporting claims and finding evidence.

inFact spotlights historical figures and movements paired with contemporary issues and pop culture. Students encounter diverse peoples and societies.

Each inFact book reinforces the home-school connection with close reading questions as well as pre-reading, during-reading and after-reading exercises on the inside front and back covers of every book.

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Realize the power of independent reading.

Explore more about InFact Leveled Readers, plus research and strategies to build equity through books and libraries.

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