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Captivate students' imagination and inspire reading confidence

Opportunities for independent reading can have an enormous impact on literacy development and help students build the foundation needed to become avid readers. When we give students high-quality, engaging books from various genres and reading levels, we spark their sense of wonder and help them build confidence.

  • Supportive

HMH Reads provides teachers, the instructional format they need to plan, share, and guide reading growth. Teachers can choose from over 480 titles to support their skills-based reading instruction.

  • Flexible

The digital format offers the flexibility to implement these books into the curriculum at any time.

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Boost Comprehension

Introduce students to a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles to improve background knowledge and move students from learning to read to reading to learn.

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Enable Reading Growth

Match every student with meaningful texts at a broad range of reading levels to inspire confidence as they move from one skill level to the next.

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Target ELA and SEL Skills

Build students’ knowledge and confidence with printable Take and Teach Lessons that include close-reading questions, SEL prompts, and a unique “Skills Focus."

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Ignite a love of reading and ensure academic success. HMH Reads helps students find the right book while building their confidence in reading. Students can choose from a wide variety of genres, including fantasy, poetry, traditional literature, diverse and realistic fiction, and informational nonfiction. With so many options, they’re sure to feel motivated while boosting the comprehension skills needed for success on high-stakes standardized tests.

Student Experience

Build students' background knowledge with a blend of high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles that have been digitally enhanced to support skills-based reading instruction.

Capture students’ attention with digitally enhanced readers

A read-aloud function with word and sentence highlighting supports students who are learning to read and acquiring English.

WF1357907 Digital LR read aloud

Students can easily take notes and annotate text within the platform and teachers can access student notes to monitor comprehension.

WF1357907 Digital LR take notes

HMH Reads can be used in the classroom or in remote settings. The HMH Go app provides access online or off.

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Expand reading exposure with a wide variety of genres

WF1357907 Digital LR students will benefit

Students will benefit from the mix of high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles from Hero Academy, inFact, and Rigby PM readers.

WF1357907 Digital LR cross curricular

Cross-curricular connections improve background knowledge for overall academic success.

WF1357907 Digital LR board range

HMH Reads provides a broad range of levels that support students with different instructional needs.

Teacher Experience

HMH Reads helps you instill a lifelong love of reading in students no matter where they are on their learning journey. Seamlessly integrate literacy, SEL, and engaging activities into your core instruction.

Access HMH Reads on Ed

Downloadable and printable Take and Teach lessons help teachers deliver targeted instruction for every title.

WF1357907 Digital LR downloadables

Each title is tagged to skills and standards correlations that connect to skills-based reporting.

WF1357907 Digital LR standards align

Teachers have access to Teacher's CornerTM, HMH's online Professional Learning space to stay connected, share resources, upload and reflect on videos, and make continuing progress on learning goals.

WF1357907 Digital LR teacher corner

Drive skills growth with effective assessments

Teachers can assign readings and assessments at the class, group, and individual student level to monitor student completion and comprehension of the leveled text.

WF1357907 Digital LR easily assign

Teachers have access to class, student, and skill data and reporting on Ed to stay informed on assessment performance.

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Summer School

Capture students’ attention with engaging content while boosting their comprehension and reading skills this summer.

Close learning gaps this summer with HMH Reads

  • Complete instructional support for easy integration into any classroom

  • High-quality K–5 fiction and nonfiction texts to engage students

  • Supports skills-based reading instruction to build content knowledge

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HMH Reads

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