Build science literacy at every reading level
Grades K–5 Science Curriculum
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Science & Engineering Leveled Readers provide solutions for entire classrooms and individual learners.

These Leveled Readers deliver multiple reading levels—On-Level, Extra Support, and Enrichment—to help students build and strengthen science literacy.

With print and digital options, Leveled Readers can be used to maximize student success.

All Science & Engineering Leveled Readers are available in both English and Spanish.

Student Resources

With content that delivers a wide range of readability levels—for each concept, at each grade—Science & Engineering Leveled Readers are an ideal solution for classrooms and individuals.

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Leveled Readers

The On-Level Readers introduce key concepts and vocabulary related to a science or engineering topic.

Extra Support
Each Extra-Support Reader shares a title, illustrations, vocabulary, and concepts with the On-Level Reader—but at a below-grade reading level, and with additional comprehension aids.

Enrichment Readers provide high-interest and in-depth nonfiction to enhance and extend concepts and vocabulary.

Teacher Resources

With lesson plans, strategies, worksheets, and activities designed for students at every level—including English Language Learners—the Teacher Guide provides an invaluable resource for educators.

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Teacher Guide

Empower your lessons.

Support at All Levels
The Teacher Guide for each grade provides strategies for using each of the Readers, as well as reproducible English and Spanish worksheets.

Vocabulary Builders
On-Level and Extra-Support worksheets focus on vocabulary development. Enrichment worksheets reinforce and enhance content.

Robust Activities
Each Reader’s Teacher Guide includes hands-on and written-response activities, and a correlation to Next Generation Science Standards*.

Authors & Advisors

Written by ScienceFusion® and HMH Science Dimensions® authors, including Marjorie Frank, Michael DiSpezio, and Michael Heithaus, Science and Engineering Leveled Readers deliver content from noted experts in science and literacy.

Marjorie Frank
Author, ELD Specialist
Michael DiSpezio
Author, ScienceFusion and HMH Science Dimensions Programs
Dr. Mike Heithaus
Dean and Professor, Florida International University, Miami

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