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Build deep understanding with this essential inquiry-based mathematics curriculum
Grades Pre-K–6 Math Core
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Mastering math starts with knowing the numbers. We get students started on the right path in Pre-K, but that's just the beginning. It’s also about looking beyond numbers to understand how and why they work, and learning to ask the questions that lead to a thoughtful, informed approach to solving problems.

Based on research funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Math Expressions is a proven Pre-K–6 curriculum that helps children make sense of math by exploring, discussing, and demonstrating their understanding of key concepts. In busy, active lessons, students learn how to look deeper and choose their own path to the answers—skills that will take them far beyond the math classroom.

Every lesson integrates mathematical processes and practices.
Students use authentic examples to make sense of mathematics.
Schools see an average gain of 12–15% on state tests.

Looking deeper produces exceptional results

When children understand math, they’re not relying on memorization. They’re relying on themselves. Dr. Karen Fuson’s comprehensively researched approach to teaching math is based on the way children actually learn and is used across the country because it raises student achievement.

See what Math Expressions has in store for your classroom.

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How to think about math

The deep conceptual understanding that’s the hallmark of the program leads to strong skills fluency and the ability to make generalizations within and among mathematical strands. As students grow and learn to think critically, teachers develop their own richer understanding of math through detailed instruction and embedded support.

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Math Expressions is based on NSF-funded research.

Contextual Learning
Students develop an understanding of mathematics through real-world situations and visual supports.

Multiple Strategies
Students learn multiple ways to solve problems, including algorithms based on reasoning.

Manageable Instruction
Teaching materials embody a "learn-while-teaching" style.

Student Experience

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Lessons build understanding through active inquiry.

Students make connections between key topics both within and across grades.

Math Talk gives students the chance to ask questions and use their MathBoards to explain and justify their solutions.

The online Student Activity Book gives young learners the tools to explore and deepen their understanding of key math concepts.

Early Learning Resources

Research tells us that students who start kindergarten with a high level of math understanding do better in both math and reading after kindergarten. With that in mind, we developed Math Expressions Early Learning Resources to provide early learners with the understanding they need to confidently take the first and subsequent steps of their mathematics journey.  

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Grounded in Research
Students will benefit from teaching-learning paths and structured, repetitive experiences as recommended in “Mathematics Learning in Early Childhood: Paths toward Excellence and Equity.”

Rated as Strong by ESSA
Early Learning Resources is based on the same ESSA strong foundation and research as the rest of Math Expressions, making it an ideal transitional program for pre-kindergarten early learners.

Focused on Numbers and Geometry
Research guidelines led to a strong focus on numbers and geometry, content areas that are particularly important in early math instruction.

Playful activities help children see, discuss, and use mathematical structures, building understanding and fluency gradually and systematically.

Teacher Experience

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Differentiated support to encourage all students.

Differentiated Instruction 

The Math Activity Center supports every child with Practice, Re-teach, and Challenge resources for each lesson.

Adaptive Practice

Customize instruction with the Personal Math Trainer® Powered by Knewton™, an online personalized learning and assessment system with real-time reporting and adaptive practice.


The instruction keeps students constantly moving forward while providing teachers with explicit support. Learn more about Dr. Fuson’s approach through the samplers below.

Deepen mathematical understanding

Students develop an understanding of the concepts behind the math and build connections between concrete, pictorial, and abstract relationships.

Develop critical-thinking skills

Students learn to ask questions and use the answers to devise thoughtful, informed approaches to solving problems.

Enhance teacher effectiveness

Teachers use the program’s extensive, lesson-by-lesson support to supplement and deepen their own mathematical understanding.

Increase student participation

Math Talk classrooms create lively, collaborative environments where children share their ideas and solutions and listen respectfully to the ideas of their classmates.

Improve student performance

Students learn to effectively communicate their mathematical understanding verbally and in writing.

Test drive Math Expressions.


Research & Results

Informed reasoning, exceptional results

The research driving Math Expressions gives students a full understanding of concepts behind the math and the tools to effectively express what they’ve learned. Learn more about what’s behind the program and its impact on students across the country.

"All-Green" Rating from EdReports

Math Expressions Grades K-5 has been rated as Meets Expectations at Gateways 1, 2, and 3 by EdReports. Read the full review at


Strong ESSA Rating

Math Expressions received a Strong ESSA rating based on the distinctive amount and quality of professional learning that teachers receive as part of the Math Expressions program.

ESSA Evidence Criteria for Math Expressions
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Math Expressions is based on the results of the NSF-funded Children’s Math Worlds research project, a 10-year study led by Dr. Fuson.

Authors Advisors


Dr. Karen Fuson is a leading voice in math education today

Dr. Fuson has studied how children understand math ideas for more than 50 years. She designs teaching materials based on how children learn and understand, along with working in schools to help teachers support every child.

Dr. Karen Fuson
Professor Emerita, Northwestern University
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