Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Taking action to be a force for positive change in our world.

Learning is a fundamental right.

We believe in social justice. We believe that the education system needs to change, and we will continue to use our platform to make that change. This critical work to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion is an inward and outward process—we are constantly seeking new ways to better our own culture as we strive to better our world.

Our Stand

Our purpose is to bring learning to countless students, teachers, and readers—transforming lives, supporting communities, and making our society more open, just, and inclusive for all. Our Stand articulates how these values inform and inspire our actions and commitments related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our Culture

A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion starts at home.

At HMH, we take direct actions to attract, hire, and retain more diverse talent, nurture an inclusive workplace, and create opportunities for meaningful conversations about what it means to be antiracist. We believe that it is through learning that people find their voices, connect with others, and create a better world.

  • Hiring Practices

    We aim to increase the diversity of our employee base by growing our diverse talent pipeline, including partnerships with organizations like SV Academy, HBCU Lifestyle, Handshake, HackerX, Circa and Teach for America.

  • Ongoing Internal Education

    We are committed to ongoing opportunities for education and growth. This includes formal and informal opportunities for meaningful conversations—from roundtable discussions to company-wide unconscious bias training. Learning and unlearning are lifelong practices that we
    must actively foster—in our schools, communities, and workplaces.

  • DEI Council

    Our cross-functional DEI Council’s work centers around four pillars—leadership, talent, culture, and business—and promotes social justice through Employee Resource Groups, DEI trainings, and discussions on how to build HMH as a model antiracist community.

A Pledge from our CEO

CEO Jack Lynch has signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO R3 HMH Accessibilities

    HMH AccessAbilities

    This group celebrates the spectrum of how we learn, work, and express ourselves, providing a safe space for employees with disabilities, neurodiversity, and different abilities to celebrate strengths, discuss experiences, and synthesize solutions.

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO R3 HMH Asian ERG

    HMH Asian Heritage and Advocacy

    This group fosters networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for Asian individuals and their allies with a primary focus on recruitment, engagement, advancement, and retention.

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO R3 HMH Black Alliance

    HMH Black Alliance

    This group provides a forum focused on improving the experience and engagement of Black employees, while promoting cultural awareness and understanding to disrupt biases and promote social justice.

  • HMH Brave ERG

    HMH Brave

    This group provides a safe space to educate, network, create career opportunities, professional development, and mentoring opportunities for separated military veterans, their spouses, and families.

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO Final HMH Mental Health

    HMH Mental Health Matters

    This group aims to create a safe space for authentic dialogue, advocacy, and education around workplace mental health and self-care. We believe mental health is a spectrum, intersecting with our diverse identities and unique stories.

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO Final HMH Mindfulness

    HMH Mindfulness

    This group provides mindfulness trainings and resources to cultivate inner calm, clarity, resilience, and connection to inspire a culture that balances professional success with well-being and the practice of self-care.

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO R3 HMH Pride

    HMH Pride

    This group provides a forum for the education, awareness, and professional growth of LGBTQ individuals and allies by fostering a safe workplace that encourages self-expression.

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO R3 HMH Unidos


    This group celebrates Latinx and Hispanic employees and allies and focuses on cultural awareness, professional development, and community building.

  • WF1206203 NTL 2020 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Page on HMHCO R3 HMH Women in Tech

    HMH Women in Technology

    This group works to ignite and sustain girls’ interests in STEM and engage and evolve women as leaders in STEM careers to create a vibrant and diverse technology workforce and a robust talent pipeline.

Our World

Through learning, we connect with others and strive for a better, more equitable world.

At HMH, we realize that it is a privilege to play a role in education. As a learning company focused on empowering students and teachers, it is our responsibility to build content and provide services and resources that foster a holistic understanding of our world and honor the diverse communities we serve. As an organization, we too are always learning and growing, and we will continue to be intentional about improvements we make as part of our continuous evolution.

Our Content Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Pledge

Reflect Diversity in Curriculum and Services

We work to provide curriculum and services that reflect and celebrate the rich diversity within our school communities, empowering all students and teachers.

Represent All Experiences Equitably

We strive for equitable, nonbiased, and sensitive treatment and representation for all individuals, communities, and experiences across all programs, services, and platforms.

Ensure We Meet the Highest Standards

We will continue to leverage our deep expertise in the K–12 space and engage with current scholarship on equity in education, ensuring HMH’s content development framework is informed by best practices and the highest standards.

Conduct Rigorous Reviews of Materials

We will continue to conduct rigorous review of our materials throughout the development process, with insight from both internal specialists and third-party experts.

Listen, Learn, and Grow

We strive to listen to and learn from the educators, learners, and readers we serve; we will respect their feedback, grow from their advice, and act with their best interests at heart.

We are committed to producing curriculum materials in which all students can see themselves and the possibilities for their future success. Our programs are strongest when they resonate with learners, inspire connections and spark dialogue, and honor the unique qualities and experiences of every learner. The integrity of our content and services, informed by the values expressed here, is at the center of all we do and is inextricably tied to our goal of improving outcomes for the millions of students and educators we reach each day.