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Dyslexia Curriculum

Dyslexia reading programs to support student achievement

From identifying children at risk for dyslexia to implementing proven instructional approaches, HMH® can partner with you on a dyslexia curriculum that helps you meet state requirements and place all readers on a path to proficiency.

Let us help you support your students with dyslexia.

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Dyslexia Screening & Assessment

For students with disabilities in reading, early intervention is critical to future success. The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) suggests that all students be screened for the risk of dyslexia. It is, therefore, essential for educators to know the basic principles of universal screening and what to look for in a dyslexia screener.

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IDA Criteria for Universal Screening
  • Quick and targeted assessments of individual skills that show whether students are making adequate progress in reading achievement
  • Alternate equivalent forms that can be administered three to four times a year
  • Standardized directions for administration and scoring
  • Established reliability and validity standards
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Instruction & Best Practices

According to IDA, a Structured Literacy instruction model implemented with evidence-based, explicit, systematic, and sequential instruction provides effective intervention for students with dyslexia.

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IDA Foundational Literacy Skills of Structured Literacy Instruction
  • Phonology
  • Sound-Symbol Association
  • Syllable Instruction
  • Morphology
  • Syntax
  • Semantics
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Our Programs

HMH intervention programs deliver the tools to create a Structured Literacy instruction model ideal for teachers and students.

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Designed for students in Grades K–2 with specific disabilities, including dyslexia, iRead provides scaffolds and supports that help cultivate lifelong readers.                               

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Amira Learning™

Powered by AI and backed by decades of reading science, Amira includes an Oral Reading Fluency assessment and an accurate dyslexia screening test for Grades K–3.

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Saxon® Phonics and Spelling

Based on Orton-Gillingham, Saxon Phonics and Spelling can help mild and moderate dyslexic children in Grades K–3 succeed in the regular classroom.

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System 44®

An intensive foundational reading program, System 44 applies research-proven practices for teaching students in Grades 3–12 with special needs, such as dyslexia.

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READ 180®

Developed using the latest research in cognitive neuroscience, READ 180 changes the brains of striving readers by helping different parts work together more effectively.

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Read by Grade 3

Pave the path to reading success by Grade 3 and discover funding opportunities for the tools and resources to meet your goals.

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Special Education

Help usher in a new approach to teaching students with disabilities that sees the diversity of learning abilities as a positive.

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Literacy Solutions

Our blended professional learning model helps educators build knowledge and skills and implement a successful dyslexia curriculum.

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Student Success

Read Danny’s story of acceleration and achievement
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Dyslexia is what I have, but not who I am.

"I am dyslexic. In 5th grade, I was enrolled in System 44 and I stuck with it and moved onto READ 180 until the end of 8th grade. This class, along with my parents and tutors, helped me improve my Lexile score several hundred points and brought me from a 1st grade to a 9th-grade reading level."


Research & Results

A proven approach for reading acceleration

Explore the research and the successes that fuel HMH's programs to help students with dyslexia achieve reading proficiency.

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Review the complete list of research projects and publications.

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News & Events

Stay up to date on our dyslexia intervention programs with thought leaders, innovative experts, and the latest educational developments and events.

We can help your striving readers with our evidence-based dyslexia reading programs.