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Dyslexia Reading Programs for Academic Growth

Partner with HMH to implement a comprehensive dyslexia curriculum that helps schools meet state requirements. Whether through our dyslexia screener aligned to the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) criteria or evidence-based reading instruction, we ensure all students can achieve reading proficiency.

Powerful Dyslexia Screener Supports Early Intervention

Easily screen an entire class in under 11 minutes and automate oral reading fluency with our accurate and reliable dyslexia risk screener.


Orton-Gillingham-Based Programs Foster Confidence

Rooted in the Orton-Gillingham structured literacy approach, HMH programs blend explicit instruction with a cumulative, multisensory reading approach to support students with dyslexia as they gain confidence through repeated success.


Personalized Differentiation Reinforces Foundational Skills

Discover the power of personalized differentiation with targeted, foundational reading instruction in phonics, decoding, and more to ensure progress for learners with dyslexia.


Explore Our Screening and Reading Programs for Dyslexia


Amira Learning

Amira Learning® for Grades K–6 automates oral reading fluency, offers a reliable dyslexia risk screener for early detection, and provides effective 1:1 reading tutoring that accelerates reading growth.


Read 180

Read 180® for Grades 3–12 is an intensive reading intervention program that provides targeted support for students with dyslexia, helping them overcome reading challenges and build essential literacy skills.

Unleash Potential for Students with Dyslexia

A Student’s Success Story

See how Read 180 put Lilly, a former Charles Armstrong School student, on a path to achievement.

Data-Driven Success: Evidence of Dyslexia Program Efficacy


Lexile-point growth in two years

In one study, Read 180 increased Lexile® scores from 752L to 1043L in two years.


achieved significant gains

One study
found that 25% of students who began Read 180 with a developing decoder status progressed to an advancing decoder status.


weekly growth

Students who frequently used Amira Learning showed twice as much weekly growth as students who didn’t use the program.

When I first started using [Read 180], it was definitely a struggle. I think it felt like a chore at first, but as I started to see myself grow as a reader, it definitely clicked in my brain that 'this is something that would really help me out,' and it became easier and something that I wanted to do for myself.


Former Student, Charles Armstrong School, CA

Professional Learning for Teacher and Leader Success

  • Guided Implementation

    HMH programs include continuous implementation support with Teacher Success Pathways that are personalized for each teacher, ensuring success in the first 30 days of instruction.

    Guided Implementation Dyslexia Curriculum WF1826702
  • Teacher’s Corner®

    Teacher’s Corner on Ed offers yearlong access to professional learning, with live events and on-demand content that support teachers in implementing programs, organizing classrooms, and learning best practices.

    Teachers Corner Dyslexia Curriculum WF1826702
  • Coaching Membership and Courses

    Get personalized learning support from experienced instructional coaches, delivered live online or in person, to track teacher goals.

    PD 3 ELD WF1681250
  • Leader Support

    Leaders receive targeted support to drive innovation and navigate challenges within their district.

    Leader Support Dyslexia Curriculum WF1826702
Guided Implementation Dyslexia Curriculum WF1826702
Teachers Corner Dyslexia Curriculum WF1826702
PD 3 ELD WF1681250
Leader Support Dyslexia Curriculum WF1826702

Awards & Accolades


ESSA Rating: Strong

Amira Learning, Read 180


Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) Endorsement

Read 180


Professional Learning Partner Guide

HMH is a Certified Provider


2023 EdTech Cool Tool Finalist

Amira Learning

2023 Techand Learning B2 S Secondary Ed Winner Awards 1x1

Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

Read 180

Support striving readers with evidence-based dyslexia reading programs.

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Explore articles, research, and additional tools to incorporate into a reading curriculum for dyslexia.

Support striving readers with evidence-based dyslexia reading programs.

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