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Amira Dyslexia Screener

Identify risk factors with our efficient, research-backed screener.

The Dyslexia Screener Built Into Amira Provides Powerful Support for Early Intervention

In less than 9 minutes, Amira screens for potential risk factors for dyslexia or other reading difficulties. The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) recommends that all students be screened for dyslexia.

Early identification of dyslexia is crucial for students’ future success, minimizing problems with reading comprehension, reduced reading, and delayed growth in vocabulary and background knowledge. Amira meets or exceeds the universal screening criteria set by IDA.

How Amira’s Dyslexia Screening Works:

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    Teachers assign the dyslexia screener to students.

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    Students start the screening process, completing various performance tasks, such as Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN), which tests students’ ability to quickly identify letters, symbols, phonemes, words, and objects.

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    Teachers and administrators analyze the results by accessing generated reports.

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    Educators determine which students might benefit from additional professional screening based on their results.

Key Benefits

  • Powered by artificial intelligence

  • Comprehensive testing

  • Easy-to-administer assessments

  • Automated speech recognition

Why Choose Amira?

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    • Quick and Targeted Assessments: Amira takes less than 9 minutes to administer and targets alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, and word reading in Grades K–5..
    • Proven Results: Research conducted by The University of Texas Health Center demonstrates Amira’s dyslexia screener had over a 99% accuracy rate for identifying students at risk for dyslexia.
    • Alternate Equivalent Forms: Multiple versions of the screener for each grade level ensure testing for dyslexia in schools occurs many times a year.
    • Multilingual Support: Amira has undergone rigorous psychometric evaluation. The result? Reliable and valid Spanish language screening.

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Support at-risk students with easy dyslexia screening