Steps to Improve Outcomes for Students with Disabilities

Steps to Improve Outcomes HERO

The events of 2020 have led to a heightened focus on how to level the playing field for students with different backgrounds, circumstances, and abilities. In the context of promoting equity in general, an ongoing area of concern that continues to challenge educators is how to promote equitable outcomes for the disabled student population.

We asked two members of the HMH Learning Sciences team to provide guidance for the many administrators and teachers who want to make a difference but may not be sure where to begin. Claire Benedikt, Director of Accessibility Innovation and Compliance, and Julie Miles, Senior Vice President of Learning Sciences, Measurement and Data Analytics, wrote a white paper designed to help educators move from vision to action.

Equity in Education: A Call to Action

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For additional guidance on promoting equity for all learners, see what experts from the International Center for Leadership in Education have to say.

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