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Wayne Westland SD teachers in a classroom

A Fresh Approach to Intervention Is Boosting Achievement in a Michigan School District

Hear from educators about a new approach to intervention that’s raising student achievement in the Wayne-Westland Community School District, outside Detroit.

Latonia GrantTeachers in America podcast

Podcast: Embracing Data and Planning with It Feat. Latonia Grant

Third grade teacher and HMH Teacher Ambassador Latonia Grant discusses how data has been a valuable tool in her planning and instruction. Plus she shares data-driven planning tips, like how to lead data talks with students and how to collaboratively plan with peers.

Latest Posts

WF1972850 Shaped 2024 Blog Post Exit Tickets as Formative Assessment R1

Make the most of a lesson's final moments with these examples of exit tickets as formative assessment.

Tatiana Ciccarelli
Senior Professional Learning Consultant, HMH

Summative Assessment hero

To better understand what is arguably the more contentious of student assessments, we take a deep dive into the question: What is the purpose of summative assessment in education?

Dr. Vytas Laitusis
Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Math

What Is an Exit Ticket in School Hero Image

This article answers the question, “What is an exit ticket in school?” Plus, learn why this formative assessment type is important in the classroom.

Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor

WF1936631 Hero

Find out more about the different types of formative assessment that help assess student progress during learning in the classroom

Amber Silverman
Shaped Contributor

How to Use Data to Drive Instruction in the Classroom

Get expert-backed strategies on how to use data to drive instruction in the classroom.

Dr. Stephan Knobloch
Sr. Director Academic Planning & Analytics, HMH

Science Formative Assessment: Assessing with Purpose

Dynamic science formative assessment engages students and promotes their thinking; additionally, it informs instruction for educators.

Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor

Wf1784373 hero student taking diagnostic assessment

Math diagnostic assessment is defined, explained, and compared to other types of assessment, such as formative assessment and summative assessment.

Richard Blankman
Shaped Executive Editor

Dr. Vytas Laitusis
Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Math

Laurens 55: A Data-Driven Success Story Hero Image

Find out how partnering with HMH to implement its curriculum, supplemental, and assessment solutions exceeded educators’ expectations and drove student achievement in Laurens County, South Carolina.

HMH Staff

Formative Assessment Hero

Here, we break down the answer to the frequently asked question: What is the purpose of formative assessment?

Dr. Vytas Laitusis
Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Math

What Is Data-Driven Instruction in Education?

This article answers the question, “What is data-driven instruction in education?”

Dr. Michael J. Bolz
Senior Learning Scientist, Learning Sciences, HMH

Vidya Madhavan
Learning Scientist, HMH

Teaching talking to a student

Get started with the school improvement planning process. Learn how to create a school improvement plan to make measurable gains in your district.

Zoe Del Mar
Shaped Executive Editor

WF1689112 Hero

Explore the difference between formal vs. informal assessment, including definitions, affordances, limitations, and examples.

Dr. Michael J. Bolz
Senior Learning Scientist, Learning Sciences, HMH

Beth Anne Broxterman
Science Assessment Manager, Assessment Solutions & Design, HMH

Reading Assessment hero

Discover quick and simple reading comprehension assessment strategies that can be seamlessly incorporated into a lesson.

Renee Behring
Education Research Director, Core ELA

Dr. Vytas Laitusis
Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Math

Formative Assessment for Social Studies

Choose the formative assessments for social studies that work best for your classroom to improve student learning.

Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor

WF1631850 Shaped 2022 NTL Blog Post 2022 Program Features Enhancement Hero R1

Find out about HMH's new platform and program enhancements for back-to-school 2022.

Christine Condon
Shaped Editor-in-Chief

WF1561850 different types of assessment hero

There are three different types of assessments in education that serve different purposes depending on when they are administered: diagnostic, formative, and summative.

Dr. Julie Miles
Senior Vice President, Learning Sciences

WF1520750 hmhco blog math formative assessment examples hero

This article discusses different math formative assessment examples to inform both your teaching and your students' learning.

Richard Blankman
Shaped Executive Editor

WF1527750 using data to differentiate students hero

Find out ways to use data to individualize instruction for special education students.

Dr. Suzanne Jimenez
Director of Academic Planning and Data Analytics at HMH

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