Second Annual Educator Confidence Report Reveals New Trends Among Teachers

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Back-to-School season is just around the corner and while students continue to soak up the summer sun, teachers and administrators are hard at work planning for the year ahead. This school year promises to witness a great deal of change, with new digital tools being introduced into classrooms, new standards continuing to take hold, and new legislation making its mark. Educators, who form the bedrock of our children's learning and play such a vital role in their academic and lifelong success, are actively navigating a changing landscape, one filled with challenge and opportunity.

To better understand their thoughts, concerns, and areas of excitement, we conducted our second annual Educator Confidence Report. Our survey investigates key issues such as technology use in the classroom, professional learning opportunities, and comfort and familiarity with digital learning tools. Take a look at some of our findings:

In our second year publishing the Educator Confidence Report, we see that the desire for greater family engagement and professional learning are taking priority while concerns about meeting standards and accountability requirements have dropped. Gaining these insights into what educators think about the state of the teaching profession is critical as we continue to serve customers globally. We look forward to tracking and gaining further understanding of overall educator confidence as the survey grows in the coming years.

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