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6 Presidents' Day Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

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Every year, we observe Presidents’ Day on the third Monday of February. Celebrate this holiday in person or in a remote teaching setting by creating a fun bulletin board or virtual backdrop that teaches students about the U.S. presidents throughout history. From projects that allow your students to imagine themselves as presidents to activities that let them explore historical events, we’ve compiled a range of Presidents’ Day bulletin boards. Who knows? These activities may inspire one of your students to run for office one day!

Even if you don’t have a bulletin board available to decorate (or the time to do it!), these ideas can serve as inspiration for games, activities, and lessons that get your students learning about American presidents.

Presidents’ Day Bulletin Board Ideas

1. If I Were President...

This bulletin board has students ponder what actions they would take if they were president. Create one—real or virtual—for your students to fill in. What would they strive to accomplish? How would they boost the economy, elevate education, improve healthcare, or repair injustices? Then, decorate the board with their photos dressed up to represent Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, or another president.


2. Hall of Silhouettes

Here's another "If I Were President" bulletin board. This one transforms student silhouettes into presidential silhouettes. Then, as president, your students write about the laws they would try to enact and other changes they would make as president.


3. Puppet Presidents

Looking to go all out for Presidents' Day? Try what this teacher did and have your students create puppets or figurines representing their favorite presidents. Then, have your students discuss in class why they choose their presidents and what materials they used to create their art.


4. Bulletin Board Featuring Motivational Quotes

You can design a bulletin board featuring motivational quotes for your students to create and share! Alternatively, you can have them research their favorite U.S. presidents and share some of their most famous quotes. Have your students print or write their quotes and display the quotes in front of a colorful background.


5. Holiday Mashup

This Presidents’ Day-themed bulletin board combines two holidays! Have your students come up with a design and put their crafting and art skills to work for a fun way to celebrate multiple holidays at once! They can merge another holiday, such as Valentine’s Day or Groundhog Day, with Presidents’ Day when creating their board. It can even become a lesson in thinking critically about how holidays are similar or different.


6. Presidential Patterns

Choose a theme and create a presidential bulletin board centered around that theme. This bulletin board's theme is “Presidents in the Parks,” and it features famous park landmarks that contain U.S. presidents. You don't have to pick parks, though; there are plenty of themes to choose from, including printed money, birthplaces, published books, and more. What theme might spark your students’ curiosity?


Have More Bulletin Board Ideas?

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