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8 Earth Day Activities and Games for Elementary Students
It’s never too early to get your students thinking about the various ways they can do good for their communities and the environment. Celebrate Earth Day in your in-person or remote classroom with these activities and games.
Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor
Shaped Staff
March 05, 2021
St. Patrick's Day Classroom Activities: 5 Fun Ways to Celebrate
Honor St. Patrick's Day with these fun activities for elementary and middle school—from teaching students how to count in the Irish language to holding a classroom celebration!
Jordan Friedman
Shaped Editor
Richard Blankman
Shaped Editor
February 24, 2021
Teaching Ratios and Unit Rates in Math
The heart of middle school mathematics is understanding ratios and rates. Learn about ratios, rates, and unit rates, and teach lessons about unit rates in the real world.
February 08, 2021
Elementary School Learning Activities
Use these educational activities for elementary school to explore different topics in reading, math, and science and add an element of fun into your lessons.
February 03, 2021
Pi Day Scavenger Hunt for Middle School Students
Pi Day is an annual celebration observed on March 14. This year, celebrate in a fun way with an in-person or virtual Pi Day scavenger hunt for middle school students!
Richard Blankman
Shaped Editor
February 02, 2021
Teaching Math Through Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Math is more than just numbers, but another way to express our humanity. Here are three specific ways that teaching math through art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art can enhance your students' learning experience.
Richard Blankman
Shaped Editor
January 27, 2021
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