Thinking of Pedagogy as Protest with Dr. Chris Emdin

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Protest is woven into the fabric of hip-hop culture—the music, the style, the emotion. With young people more engaged in protest and activism than they've been since the Civil Rights Movement, teachers have great challenges and opportunities for connection through shared language and experience.

Let Students Know. Don't Keep Them Guessing.

Teachers have experienced several historical and social moments together this year–many of the experiences requiring reflection, pauses, and moments to listen. Together, let's continue to find ways for students to see us advocating for their voices.

In this second episode of "Hip Hop Teacher Moves," Dr. Chris Emdin, an associate professor of science education at Columbia University (and HMH podcast guest on the "Teachers in America" series), raises another call to action for educators: pedagogy, or the science of teaching and learning, should be about protesting the wrongs that have been done to young people in society.

"Think about your teaching as an opportunity to be equitable," Dr. Emdin says. "Think about your practice in the classroom as a march, as a protest; think about the art of teaching and learning as a movement toward social justice, because that's what hip-hop teaches us to do."

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