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RTI pyramid changing to bell curve illustration

RTI/ MTSS Pyramid: Flipping the Triangle

School districts across the country describe the RTI/MTSS pyramid as “flipped.” So HMH researchers created a replacement for the traditional triangle that better represents the skill diversity in today’s classrooms.

Sherrye Scott on Teachers in America podcast

Podcast: Don’t Forget Your Why with Sherrye Scott

When Sherrye Scott realized her daughter needed additional help in school, she transitioned from a career in computer information systems to education. Now a math intervention teacher in Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District in Texas, Sherrye shares how she incorporates social-emotional strategies into math instruction and how she motivates students to learn and succeed

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How and when should you transition away from decodable texts WF1881706

Learn strategies for transitioning students from decodable texts to authentic texts.

Shane Templeton
Foundation Professor Emeritus, Literacy Studies, University of Nevada, Reno; Into Reading Program Author

Holiday Classroom Activities Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa

Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa with 14 holiday classroom activities, games, and crafts for elementary and middle school students.

Jordan Friedman
Shaped Editor

Zoe Del Mar
Shaped Staff

Fun Christmas Activities School

Try our fun Christmas classroom activities for school. 'Tis the season to be jolly—while boosting math, reading, and writing skills, of course!

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

WF1803654 Hero

Intervention in school is defined, and key insights into how to provide effective intervention are provided.

Bonnie Cochran
Director of Academic Planning and Analytics, HMH

WF1773850 Shaped 2023 Blog Post Halloween Writing Prompts Hero

Have some spooky fun with your students while exercising their critical thinking skills using these Halloween writing prompts and journal ideas.

Carey Blankenship
Shaped Staff

WF1821000 Hero Banner

Photo: Third-grade teacher Russell Souders

Third-grade Texas teacher Russell Souders shares tips on how he sparks students’ interest in reading, including how he uses programs like HMH Into Reading to engage students in literacy instruction.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

WF1819771 Hero

An elementary educator and HMH Ambassador shares tips and resources on how to implement small-group instruction in the classroom, including a downloadable small-group lesson plan template.

Kayla Dyer

High school writing hero

Ensure students get the practice, feedback, and revision experience they need for success with these tried-and-true strategies for teaching high school writing.

Kristen Eannetta
Instructional Coach

National hispanic heritage month 2021 hero

Use these National Hispanic Heritage Month activities and lesson ideas to honor Hispanic American contributions and influences in our society.

Daniel Poremba
Senior Tier II Specialist, HMH

Seven Strategies For Reading Success Thumb

Try these 7 ELL strategies for reading success. Help your ELL students to engage with reading and foster a desire to connect with texts.

Rebecca Salinas
Learning Architect, HMH

Richard Blankman
Shaped Editor

WF1799180 Shaped 2023 Blog Post Scaffolding Strategies for ELL Students Hero

What is scaffolding and how does it help ELL students? Read to learn about scaffolding for ELL students, including benefits and best practices.

Dana Leon
Shaped Contributor

911 Tribute in Light hero

Looking for ways to help your students understand the September 11 terror attacks and their impact? Use these 9/11 activities and lesson plans designed for middle and high school classrooms.

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

WF1807212 Hero

Get advice on how to incorporate vocabulary into science instruction to ensure students learn science concepts deeply.

Karen Ostlund
Assistant Professor of Instruction, Emerita, UTeach, College of Natural Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin

WF1813601 Shaped 2023 Blog Post The Role of Vocabulary in Reading Instruction Hero

We break down the role of vocabulary in reading comprehension and share strategies that will ensure students learn new words.

Dana Leon
Shaped Contributor

WF1771200 What is Phonemic Awareness Hero

Learn about phonemic awareness and how it relates to phonological awareness.

Zoe Del Mar
Shaped Staff

WF1769009 Hero Banner

Photo: Elementary literacy coordinator Dr. Jake Downs

Utah elementary literacy coordinator and education podcaster Dr. Jake Downs talks about best practices for literacy instruction, the science of reading, and data-based decision-making to help struggling readers.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

Summer learning activities for elementary and middle school students

As the school year ends, keep kids engaged with these fun summer learning activities for elementary and middle school students.

Richard Blankman
Shaped Editor

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

Hero Banner

Photo: First-grade teacher Amber Reyes

Colorado teacher, Amber Reyes, shares strategies to engage students in fun phonics instruction, as well as resources to build fundamental reading skills.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

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