Kindergarten Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Great Outdoors

Great outdoors

Welcome to the Great Outdoors! We’ve provided a variety of kindergarten learning activities to engage your child in scientific exploration. So, let’s begin exploring the great outdoors!

Exploring the Great Outdoors with Labs and Activities

Design Shade

Design and build a shelter to compare the warmth of a rock in the shade with a rock in the sun. This activity takes approximately 60 minutes depending on the type of shelter your child decides to build. If you don’t have building materials such as paper and scissors, you can find a shady place and a sunny place indoors or outdoors with your child to carry out the investigation.

Observing Patterns in Weather

Make observations and record changes in weather over the course of the week. This activity takes approximately 15 minutes every day for a week. At the end of the week (you can choose to go longer if you wish!), work with your child to make a claim about the weather based on their observations.

Plan a Park

Plan and design a park for plants and animals. This activity takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the details of your child’s plan.

Read About the Great Outdoors!

Animal Homes

Let’s read about where animals live in the great outdoors.

Science Songs and Poems

Read and sing to learn about the world around you and different places in the great outdoors.

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