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Kindergarten Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Conservation

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Welcome! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities to engage with your child in a scientific exploration of environmental conservation. Let’s begin!

Exploring Environmental Conservation with Labs and Activities

Where Does Our Trash Go?

Do you compost? If so, talk with your child about how composting helps reduce the amount of trash in a landfill by separating out some of the biodegradable materials to make compost. If you do not compost, this activity will give you and your child an opportunity to explore how it works!

Watch the video (below) Where Does Our Trash Go? together to get started!

Reuse a Milk Carton

There are many ways to complete this project. The steps and suggested materials in the answer sheet indicate one way to complete the investigation. Encourage your child to come up with their own ideas for how to reuse a milk carton. This activity takes approximately 45–60 minutes.

Clay Bricks

Bricks can be made using synthetic or natural materials. Consider using different materials than those suggested in the answer sheet and compare materials. This activity takes approximately 30 minutes depending on whether or not you decide to use different materials.

Watch the video (below) Clay Bricks together to get started!

Read About Environmental Conservation!

Natural Resources

Let’s read about what natural resources are and where they come from.

Science Songs and Poems

Read and sing to learn about the wind.

Talk about what you learned about environmental conservation this week with your friends and family!

Keeping Up with COVID-19

To keep current with the science behind the COVID-19 virus, check out "Stopping the Spread of Infectious Disease: A Lab Activity Approach." You’ll find age-appropriate activities for your child to learn about stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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