Keep Class in Session at Home: Tips From ICLE Partner Weston Kieschnick

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As the coronavirus outbreak forces school districts nationwide to shut down, in many cases for the rest of the academic year, teachers, parents, and students alike face an unprecedented challenge: maintaining continuity and keeping classes going outside of the regular school environment for an extended period of time. How can educators continue to teach, students continue to learn, and parents continue to support both efforts in this sudden, unexpected, altogether new scenario?

To address that question, I’ve created some video tips to keep the academic momentum going while schools are closed, with key areas to focus on as kids learn at home.

Approaching Virtual Learning

Are you experiencing virtual learning for the first time? Here are three essential tips for teachers and parents on how to enter this new, sometimes intimidating, high-tech world, and how to help kids navigate it.

Concept Mapping

It’s critical to get kids to organize their thinking and ideas in a way that makes sense to them. With some help from my daughter, Charlotte, I provide some easy strategies to facilitate this, including one example especially geared for Next Generation Science Standards.


You’re probably aware that vocabulary is the main driver of achievement gaps within socioeconomic groups. And when it comes to kids learning vocabulary, there is no comprehension without picturing. Here, aided by my son, Everett, and my daughter, Charlotte, I explore ways to create picturing opportunities for kids.

Math Fluency

Did you know that you can strengthen a child’s math fluency and increase cognitive rigor through the digital game Heads Up? I like to use this this technique with my own kids. It can be used for multiplication and division—and even for vocabulary.

I hope you find these tips helpful and inspiring!

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