Facebook Live Recaps: Turning Students Into Strong Writers and Speakers

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Developing solid writing and speaking skills is vital for children to succeed in school and in their future careers. But getting students excited about the intricacies of these areas—spelling and crafting persuasive arguments, for example—can be challenging for educators. After all, not every student is thrilled at the prospect of a vocabulary test.

Experts Dr. Shane Templeton and Erik Palmer spoke with HMH at this year’s International Literacy Association (ILA) conference about how best to engage students in these subjects. You can watch the Facebook Live interviews below.

Dr. Shane Templeton

Author, Consultant, and Foundation Professor Emeritus of Literacy Studies

Dr. Shane Templeton gets into the logic of spelling in this interview. An expert in this area, Templeton explains the value of spelling for students even in an era of spellcheck and smart technology. He shares a number of examples of what activities educators can do with students to teach them about the relationship between spelling, sound, and meaning. Templeton also says word exploration is key to getting students more passionate about spelling and vocabulary. Watch the video below to learn more.  

Erik Palmer

Author, Consultant, and Leading Expert in Listening and Speaking

In this interview, Erik Palmer, a consultant for the new HMH programs Into Reading and Into Literature, highlights the importance of arguments—not bickering in the classroom, he explains, but written and spoken statements that support a conclusion. Palmer expands on how educators can move students away from spouting random conclusions to establishing well-supported claims. Watch below to learn why teaching arguments is necessary in every subject.

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