Come Together Over Reading: Start a Family Book Club at Home


With students nationwide experiencing the shutdown of their schools and having to adjust to remote learning, it’s essential to keep those in the early elementary grades immersed in reading. During this time, parents, caretakers, and older siblings can play a key role in helping young learners continue to develop and advance their literacy skills. 

The “Family Book Club” reading activity below, ideal for use in a group setting, comes from JillE Literacy creator Jill Eggleton, a leading balanced literacy expert, international consultant, teacher, and author of more than 1,000 children’s books, poems, and teacher resources. This activity makes reading a shared experience that emphasizes comprehension and discussion.

Jill Eggleton also wrote the following poem, “Hold Onto Hope,” as a tribute and a source of inspiration to all teachers, honoring their ceaseless dedication and commitment to their students throughout this challenging time.  

Hold On To Hope Poem


To help you continue teaching and learning during the current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), visit HMH's At-Home Learning Support page for free resources. 

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