10 Resources for the New Year: Seasonal Activities for Reading, Math, and More

Happy New Year! As you head back into the classroom, explore these resources on HMH Marketplace and find activities to ring in the new 1year with your students.

New Year's Resolutions and Goals

This free activity comes with seven different versions of resolution and goal writing. Writing prompts include, "My Resolutions," "My Favorite Things from the Past Year," and "My Goals for the Next Year." Grades 2-6. By Create-abilities.

Free Resource

New Year’s Around the World

This resource includes four non-fiction texts about how New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated in different countries. Each text has reading comprehension questions and an answer key is provided. Grades 6-8. By Presto Plans.

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January Reading Log

Wise Guys says this is a creative way to get your students to read outside of school. As students read, they will get a chance to win medals in different winter events. Included in this resource is the reading log, a letter for parents, certificates, and recording sheets for teachers. Grades 3-8. By Wise Guys.

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New Year's Figurative Language

Different literary devices that are used in poetry or fiction are covered in this resource. 18 different phrases that include examples of metaphor, simile, alliteration and more are included. Grades 7-10. By Presto Plans.

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Chinese New Year Task Cards

30 task cards with facts about the Chinese New Year are included in this resource. Promoting Success says they can be used as an alternative to worksheets, for text prep, or as an activity that promotes movement in the classroom. Grades 5-9.

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January Choice Board

Whether this resource is used by early finishers or for independent work time, Winged One says it requires higher level thinking and includes key words from Bloom’s Taxonomy: Create and Evaluate. Grades 7-10.

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SMARTBOARD Calendar Math - January (English)

This SMARTBOARD interactive calendar can be used during morning routines or math blocks. Special days, birthdays, a weather graph, the problem of the day, lessons on time and money, and more are included in this resource. Grades K-2. By Mrs. Cortes.

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New Year Around the World PowerPoint

This PowerPoint focuses on 21 different countries and their traditions and customs when celebrating the New Year’s holiday. Grades 4-8. By The Happy Edugator.

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January Calendar Activities

This includes 31 holiday celebrations for each day in the month of January. Each slide contains a title of the day, a brief description, and 3-5 related activities for students. Grades 3-6. By Wise Guys.

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January Bingo

This bingo game has 20 boards and calling cards for 2 levels of play. One version is to practice identification and vocabulary. The other is to work on repetitive language, problem-solving, and vocabulary building. Grades PreK-7. By The Autism Helper.

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