90-Second Science: Quick and Easy Science Experiments from HMH

What can you do in 90 seconds? Learn about science phenomena! Watch these quick and easy science experiments you can do with your students, in and out of the classroom. With a few household materials and a little time, your students can complete hands-on activities, see science in action, and learn about important phenomena in their everyday lives.

Watch the 90-Second Science trailer below followed by our free, bite-sized videos and lesson plans. Stay tuned for more episodes!

Quick Science Experiments for Kids

Watch this free 90-second episode and use the instructions to create your own science experiments in the classroom or at home. 

Milk Soap Rainbow | Grades K–12

Explain It: How does soap change the properties of milk?

Time: 15 minutes

Using milk, food coloring, and dish soap, students experiment with surface tension and chemical change. This lesson is a great way to teach states of matter, properties of matter, attractive forces, and surface tension.  


Water Sketching | Grades K–12

Explain It: How can you draw on the surface of a liquid?

Time: 15–20 minutes 

Using dry erase markers, glass, and water, students experiment with the properties of cohesion and adhesion. This quick, hands-on science experiment is a great way for students to explore the properties of matter and, for older grades, capillary action. 


See These Experiments in Action!

Milk Soap Rainbow: Model Lesson

Watch fifth graders from River View Middle School in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, complete the Milk Soap Rainbow activity.


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