7 New Year's Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Ew Years Bulletin Board

Happy New Year! The year 2021 is an opportunity for a fresh start.

These New Year's bulletin board ideas for teachers are sure to get your students thinking about 2021 and what changes they want to make in school and their personal lives. Despite everything you are facing as an educator in today's world, start the year with a positive mindset and know that regardless of the curveballs being thrown your way, you are continuing to shape students' lives every day.

If learning is taking place in person for your school, you can create a fun bulletin board for your actual classroom. If not, perhaps you can create a backdrop for your virtual classroom, or simply use these examples to inspire some New Year's activities for students to work on at home.

Happy New Year Bulletin Board Ideas

This teacher had her students write a word to define their 2021 New Year's resolution and set goals in and out of the classroom. What word do you think will define your 2021 aspirations?


In this example, under each flap each student wrote four New Year's resolutions based on different themes: school, home, something to learn (outside of school), and kindness!


Maybe you just want to keep your bulletin board simple with an inspiring message that encourages students to put their best foot forward in the new year.


Or maybe you just want to showcase students' New Year's resolutions against a fun, colorful backdrop that is sure to attract their attention—as seen in the two bulletin board ideas below. These teachers also had students illustrate what they were hoping to achieve in the coming year and found creative ways to display students' names!


Along with displaying a clever play on words, this teacher incorporated the theme of goal-setting into her classroom bulletin board design last year...

...and this year, too! What do you hope to achieve in 2021?

More New Year's School Bulletin Board Ideas?

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This blog post was updated in January 2021.

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