Read by Grade 3: Developing Foundational Skills for All Children

55 Minutes

In this webinar we explore the important developmental and instructional relationships among the foundational reading skills:

1) Print Concepts

2) Phonological/Phonemic Awareness

3) Phonics and Word Recognition

4) Fluency

By appropriately determining the timing, pacing, and type of instruction for these skills, we ensure that more children will successfully attain their potential in reading by the end of third grade. For those children who still struggle, we will better be able to adjust instruction appropriately and effectively.



See how HMH Into Reading™ incorporates the most recent reading research for systematic and explicit foundational skills instruction. The foundational skills lessons follow a scope and sequence based on evidence from research, providing a systematic approach.

HMH Into Reading Foundational Skills

Listen to this podcast to learn more about the supports found in HMH Into Reading that focus on foundational skills to ensure students are reading on grade level by grade 3.

Science of Reading

Access additional Science of Reading research and resources.

Programs Amira
Amira Learning

Amira Learning™, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), provides 1:1 reading practice for students in Grades K–3 and administers both an oral reading fluency assessment and a dyslexia screener.

Into R Cms
HMH Into Reading

Shane Templeton is an author of HMH Into Reading, a K-6 core literacy solution. Into Reading was designed to build and reinforce students’ foundational reading skills. Explicit teaching of the speech sounds, explicit and systematic instruction of phoneme-grapheme correspondences, multi-sensory instruction methods, and spiraling practice and reinforcement offered in HMH Into Reading exemplify best practices in the area of foundational skills.