From Learning Loss to Learning Gain: Navigating the Gap

Students are motivated to return to school in the fall, particularly to see their friends and to encounter new vistas. In the interim they have been learning--though maybe not exactly what standards describe or standardized tests measure. Watch this webinar for ideas on how to help students recover dormant reading and writing skills and develop the habits of mind that will allow them to thrive as learners.

I believe this kind of writing can help students reflect upon how their lives and the world around them is changing.


Download this sample writing lesson Carol Jago shared in her webinar. Designed to help students reflect upon how their lives and the world around them is changing, the lesson is an invitation to pause and take stock of where they have been and where they are now.

Mitigating COVID-19 Learning Loss

Download this research-based resource containing concrete guidance and new thinking around ways to mitigate learning loss and re-imagine the structure and culture of our schools and districts

At-Home Learning Support

Access free resources for educators, students, and families for the school year and summer months.

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HMH Into Reading

Carol Jago is an author of HMH Into Reading, a K-6 core literacy solution designed to meet the diverse growth needs of every learner in your classroom. HMH Into Reading allows you to guide students on the path to independent reading and effective oral and written communication.