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Don't Call It Learning Loss

Recover. Reconnect. Reimagine.

Learning didn’t stop during the pandemic.It just took new forms.

Partner with us and implement the leading intervention solutions that can help students gain up to 2 years of growth in 1 year.*

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Close the Gap

Recover from the most challenging year in education
GUIDE: Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19
GUIDE: Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19

Use this guide to reimagine the culture and structure of your schools following a challenging year.

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ARTICLE: 6 Research-Backed Ways to Stop COVID Slide

Our Chief Research Officer breaks down how to address the effects of interrupted learning this fall.

Summer School Admins
Q&A: Plan for Summer School During the Pandemic

The School Superintendents Association's executive director answers questions about what resources you'll need to address learning loss this summer.

Hero Learning Loss Recovery
5 Actions to Achieve Learning Recovery and Lasting Success

HMH Director of Academic Planning and Analytics shares steps educators can take to offset the learning gap and improve students’ chances for long-term success.

Learn how our solutions can be tailored to help you recover from interrupted schooling.

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Increase Engagement

Reconnect with your students
EBOOK: Educator's Guide to Social-Emotional Learning
EBOOK: Educator's Guide to Social-Emotional Learning

Get expert insights on how to successfully integrate SEL into your instruction and help students succeed in and out of the classroom.

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PODCAST: Virtual Learning During COVID

Sharon Biava discusses strategies for remote learning, creating digital classroom rules, and taking time for self-care during this stressful time.

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Rebuilding Relationships With Your Students Now and Post-COVID

Here’s a fresh look at how to build positive relationships in light of the challenging year that leaders, teachers, students, and families experienced.

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LIST: 10 Social and Emotional Learning Tips for Responding to COVID-19

Educators can use these research-backed strategies to nurture students’ social-emotional development and help them thrive.

Discover evidence-based solutions that boost achievement for every learner.

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Plan for Your District

Reimagine learning
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Reset School Culture
Tips for Education Leaders: How to Reset School Culture Post-COVID

A positive school environment can go a long way toward closing the achievement gap. Here’s how to build students’ sense of belonging and motivation to learn.

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Lessons Learned from COVID: Challenges and Bright Spots

HMH's Matthew Mugo Fields and two education leaders delve into addressing interrupted learning this fall and what the future looks like in education.

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Why and How to Prioritize Intervention to Bridge the COVID Learning Gap

Millions of students felt the impact of unfinished learning. Here are strategic steps administrators can take to get them back on track.

Find solutions that fit your district's plan for next year.

District Planning Webinar Series

A 3-part webinar series geared toward helping district administrators prepare for the upcoming year.

Addressing Achievement Gaps Exacerbated by Interrupted Schooling
Addressing Achievement Gaps Exacerbated by Interrupted Schooling

Tuesday, March 30, 3-4pm ET

Dr. Stephan Knobloch, Sr. Director Academic Planning & Analytics at HMH, and Mr. Herminio Planas, Executive Director of Elementary Education and Mathematics at Bridgeport Public Schools, Bridgeport, CT, discuss how Bridgeport Public Schools is building a system of supports to personalize instructional mathematics resources for students at all tiers.

Addressing Equity and Access
Addressing Equity and Access

Tuesday, April 13, 3-3:45pm ET

Dr. Amanda Patterson and Garth Harries discuss the key challenges and proven tactical solutions to help district leaders accelerate to close longstanding instructional disparities.

The Effectiveness of Intervention within the Core Classroom
The Effectiveness of Intervention within the Core Classroom

Thursday, April 15, 3-3:45pm ET

Dr. Bonnie Cochran, Director of Academic Planning and Analytics at HMH, and Noelle Morris, Senior Director of Community Engagement at HMH, discuss models, structure, and resources that district leaders can provide to teachers to empower and help them deliver effective interventions within the core classroom in 20 to 30 minutes a day.