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READ 180 has more research and documentation behind it than any other reading intervention program. Learn more about its role in helping students across the country reach their full potential.


READ 180 Universal helps educators meet the needs of students in both general and special education using a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) approach. This effective method includes progress monitoring, professional development, and collaboration between school and family. Explore the evidence on how READ 180’s MTSS Framework drives growth for all students.

Estania Philamond, Grade 10, Georgia

When Estania moved to the U.S. from Haiti in the fourth grade, she spoke no English. At first, she was very shy, but after her teacher shared the story of a successful READ 180 graduate, Estania’s confidence soared. Today, she helps her English learner classmates and has spoken at our summits, hoping to inspire others. Estania’s goals for the future include learning a fourth language, attending college, and becoming an entrepreneur.

Trevor German, Grade 8, Illinois 

Trevor had little confidence when he started in middle school, but after a boost in his Lexile® level, he was motivated to work hard and tackle more difficult texts. Now, Trevor is a leader in and out of the classroom, supporting other READ 180 learners, mentoring younger students, and giving speeches in front of the whole school. Trevor shared, “My goal is to go to college and study architecture to work on big buildings.”

Maria Merza, Grade 12, California

Maria’s family fled to escape the violence in Syria. When she arrived in the U.S., Maria had to adjust to a new culture and make up for large gaps in her education. Determined to excel, Maria moved from System 44 to READ 180 to college prep courses, and her Lexile level grew from BR to 1067 in just two years. On track to graduate, Maria will also qualify to apply to any SCU and UC campus, a true role model for all students.


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“It is my passion to help students reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams. READ 180 has given me the foundation to make that happen.”