Bridge the gap to mastery with blended learning

With its blended learning approach, READ 180 gives everyone in the classroom the unique tools they need to thrive anytime, anywhere. Students and teachers can customize the learning experience using informative assessments and a flexible rotation model that combines traditional and online instruction.

Whole-Group Learning

Students and teachers engage as a class and reinforce daily lessons together.

Student Application

Students work independently, following a personalized path that accelerates their learning.

Small-Group Learning

Students receive targeted, data-driven instruction while building meaningful relationships with teachers.

Independent Reading

Students engage with their choice of content and apply newly acquired vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Experience READ 180 in action.

Student Experience

By placing students in the driver’s seat, READ 180 motivates striving readers to take an active part in their success. Through structured, systematic instruction, students gain independence in the classroom as they explore content that excites them—opening the door for a new relationship with reading.

Teacher Experience

Technology is a powerful engine in making personalized learning effective, but teachers hold the key to ensuring that students embrace lifelong learning. That’s why READ 180 places teachers at the heart of the program’s implementation. With an army of tools at their fingertips—outlined in the Blended Learning Handbook go-to guide—teachers can do what they do best: teach with confidence and purpose.


With rich content driving every lesson, across every grade level, READ 180 makes the most of every day in the classroom. Learn more about the program’s approach to building content knowledge in our detailed Content Overview Guides. 

Plus, discover REACH—all-new Workshops to support additional READ 180 Universal whole- and small-group instruction.

Build background and content knowledge

Students develop world knowledge and literacy skills through exposure to different text types across multiple disciplines.

Anchor Videos and language development activities in the Student Application improve comprehension by helping students form a mental picture of what they’re about to read.

Strengthen vocabulary

Nearly 50 new words in each Workshop expand to hundreds more as students study roots, meaning, and word parts.

Explore, Reading, and Language Zones in the Student Application help students build general and academic vocabulary through Anchor Videos, targeted readings, and activities.

Build fluency

Target passages from level-specific texts in the Student Application help students build deep comprehension through multiple readings.

Spelling and reading sight words in the Student Application builds automaticity, so students’ brains can focus on comprehension and retention.

Enhance writing and research skills

New research-based writing process helps students learn, practice, and apply strategies for crafting narrative, informative, and argument pieces during Workshops.

Whole- and Small-Group Learning stresses purposeful writing that develops content knowledge and reading skills, helping English learners log “miles on the tongue”.

Demonstrate knowledge transfer

Anchor Videos in the Student Application help students read in a virtuous cycle by providing knowledge they can apply to unfamiliar texts going forward.

Workshops each conclude with students completing a project-based learning assessment related to real-life careers.


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Experience READ 180 Universal in action.