READ 180®

Unlock whole-brain reading through blended learning intervention
Grades 4–12 Literacy Intervention
Targets areas of the brain essential to reading proficiency
Meets each learner's unique ability level, interests, and needs
Empowers 1 million students to achieve more every day

READ 180 Universal is simply better

Developed using the latest cognitive neuroscience, READ 180 changes the brains of struggling readers by helping different parts work together more effectively. With a fresh, intuitive experience, the new READ 180 is in a class by itself.

By tapping into brain science and growth mindset, a more personalized instructional approach accelerates achievement.

A more efficient Teacher Ecosystem offers easy access to real-time data and instructional planning, so every lesson can shine.

New engaging content promotes student choice and helps readers make deeper connections that extend well beyond the classroom.

See what READ 180 has in store for your classroom.