Authors & Advisors

Experience and Expertise Shape Literacy Success

Our researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders received your feedback. They applied their decades of experience and expertise to develop a comprehensive solution that ensures your learning community does more than perform—it thrives!

Dr. Kylene Beers
Past President, National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
Dr. Joyce Armstrong Carroll
National Writing Consultant; Co-Director of Abydos Literacy Learning
Dr. Nathan Clemens
Associate Professor, University of Texas, Austin
Dr. Anne Cunningham
Professor, University of California, Berkeley; HMH Author
Dr. Martha C. Hougen
Differentiated Instruction
Dr. Tyrone C. Howard
Professor, UCLA; Senior Fellow, ICLE; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Carol Jago
HMH Author and Associate Director, California Reading & Literature Project at UCLA
Erik Palmer
Program Consultant, Into Reading and Into Literature
Dr. Robert E. Probst
Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University
Dr. Shane Templeton
Foundation Professor Emeritus, Literacy Studies, University of Nevada, Reno; Into Reading Program Consultant
Dr. Julie Washington
Professor, Language and Literacy Initiative, Department of Educational Psychology - Georgia State University; HMH Learning Sciences & Research Advisory Board
Dr. Alma Flor Ada
Professor Emerita, University of San Francisco
F. Isabel Campoy
Award-winning bilingual author
Dr. Elena Izquierdo
Author, Escalate English, Associate Professor, Dual Language Education / Biliteracy / ELL Education, University of Texas, El Paso
Dr. David Dockterman
Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Dr. Jill Eggleton
Adjunct Professor, Sioux Falls University; International balanced literacy consultant and children's book author