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Dr. Anne Cunningham

Professor, University of California, Berkeley; HMH Author

Dr. Anne E. Cunningham is a professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, where she also serves as Director of the Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education with San Francisco State University. A leading expert in the field of reading development, with over 100 publications, Professor Cunningham investigates how children learn to read and the pedagogical methods most effective for promoting reading acquisition and the value of avid reading.

As a leader, speaker, and best-selling author, Professor Cunningham has been featured most recently in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Education Week, and Huffington Post for her work. Her award-winning book, Book Smart: How to Support and Motivate Beginning Readers (Oxford University Press), examines children’s reading development and the cognitive and socio-emotional benefits of avid reading.

Professor Cunningham is also the senior author of Big Day for PreK, co-author of our technology-based reading program, iRead, and a senior author of our core comprehensive curriculum for K-6, HMH Into Reading.

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Reading development expert Dr. Anne E. Cunningham offers tips to help teachers and parents foster a love of reading in students.

Anne Cunningham
Professor, University of California, Berkeley; HMH Author