Your Vision for a Flexible Literacy Solution

We met with teachers across the nation to understand their real needs. What we learned informed this program—right down to the smallest detail. From embedded growth mindset strategies to a fully leveled library of Rigby® Readers, HMH Into Reading supports teachers in transitioning students beyond explicit instruction and into self-actualized learning.

Student Experience

From award-winning books that propel learning to a strong emphasis on productive annotation, HMH Into Reading guides students as they transition from emerging readers to effective writers.

Notice & Note Guides Students in Independent Reading

Offering teachers a fully integrated approach to guiding students to critical text analysis and deepened comprehension through close reading and productive annotation, HMH Into Reading teaches students how to notice key signposts in texts that point to their meaning. Embedded into every lesson, Notice & Note strategies by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst teaches students how to spot key signposts in texts that point to their meaning.

Fully Equitable Solutions for Dual-Language Classrooms

With research-driven instruction and the guidance of Spanish literacy experts, our fully equitable solution to Spanish instruction places all learners on the same playing field. HMH Into Reading features culturally relevant authentic texts and Spanish Rigby Leveled Readers, with all literature personally reviewed and approved by Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy.

Quien sabe dos lenguas vale por dos

We know that the ability to read, write, listen, and speak in another language opens up a world of possibilities. With that in mind, ¡Arriba la Lectura! is an equity-plus solution for students learning to read, write, and communicate in Spanish. With research-driven instruction and the guidance of Spanish literacy experts, ¡Arriba la Lectura! is differentiated by design to honor the needs of teachers and provide students with a rich, integrated, and measured path to growth in reading, writing, and communication. ¡Arriba la Lectura! supports all models of dual language instruction.

Teacher Experience

Designed with you in mind, HMH Into Reading allows you to guide students on the path to independent reading and effective oral and written communication. Highly supportive, with a flexible approach to balanced literacy instruction, HMH Into Reading was built to fit your teaching style and unique classroom needs.

Reading and Writing Workshops in Tandem

Reading and writing workshops feature a step-by-step approach to instruction. Lessons work in tandem so students can experience the power of integrated instruction.

As their teacher, you can choose to follow a completely supported path or tailor a route that works for you and your classroom.

Professional Support When and How You Need It

From Getting Started courses to online coaching videos, on-demand professional support helps you discover new strategies and techniques for teaching.

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