Dyslexia Screener

For students with disabilities in reading, early intervention is critical to future reading success. The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) suggests that all students be screened for the risk of dyslexia. With the Amira Dyslexia Screener, you have powerful support for your early intervention efforts.

Screener features include:

Quick and targeted assessments
Amira takes 5–7 minutes to administer and targets alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, and word reading in Grades K–3.

Alternate equivalent forms
Multiple versions of the screener are provided for each grade level, so students can be screened multiple times each year.

Standardized administration
Screener administration and scoring, powered by AI, create a consistent protocol.

Established consistency and effectiveness
Backed by more than a decade of research for the TPRI® Early Reading Assessment, Amira has shown consistent reliability and predictive validity.

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