2019 NCTE Annual Convention

Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD


Carol Jago

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https://www.hmhco.com/programs...The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Convention will be held in Baltimore, MD, November 21–24. Stop by Booth 611! We’ll show you how we create a culture of literacy excellence through our programs HMH Into Literature™, HMH Into Reading™, HMH ¡Arriba la Lectura!™, and Writable®.

In-Booth Session Schedule

Join us in Booth 611 for workshops with our thought leaders. Receive a Learning Mindset poster and Into Literature sticky note following each presentation. You can check out a couple of the sessions below. 

Friday, November 22

(Exhibit hall hours 10:00 am to 6:30 pm)

10:30 am

Empowering Student Writing with Writable

11:00 am

Carol Jago - Reading with Heart: Teaching Social-Emotional Skills through Literature

11:30 am

Erik Palmer - Good Thinking: Creating Effective Arguments

12:00 pm

Erik Palmer Author Signing - Receive a complimentary copy of Erik's book, Good Thinking: Teaching Argument, Persuasion, and Reasoning and a HMH Anchor Chart

1:00 pm

Empowering Student Writing with Writable

5:00 pm

Reception - Celebrate the Spirit of Inquiry with HMH. Stop by Booth 611 to enjoy refreshments and receive an I'm Into Literature T-shirt

Saturday, November 23

(Exhibit hall hours 11:00 am to 6:00 pm)

2:30 pm

Empowering Student Writing with Writable

3:00 pm

Erik Palmer - Good Thinking: Creating Effective Arguments

3:30 pm

Carol Jago - Reading with Heart: Teaching Social-Emotional Skills through Literature

4:00 pm

Carol Jago author signing - Receive a complimentary copy of Carol’s book, The Book in Question: Why and How Reading Is in Crisis and a HMH Anchor Chart

5:00 pm

Kylene Beers and Robert Probst author signing - Receive a complimentary copy of Reading Nonfiction Notice & Note Stances, Signposts, and Strategies

*limited number of copies in each book signing session!

Sunday, November 24

(Exhibit hall hours 8:00 am to 11:30 am)

9:00 am

Empowering Student Writing with Writable

NCTE Authors Sessions

Friday, November 22

12:30 pm

Carol Jago - Becoming Readers: Reading to Renew, Repurpose, and Resist

Session B

Convention Center 330

Presenters will explore ways students can unleash the radical energies of both older and newer texts and put them to work in their lives. Presenters will offer ways to spark student interest in literary texts through a rhetorical approach that examines the complex social worlds and identities that shape acts of communication, including students’ own experiences, interests, and purposes. Attendees will return to their classrooms ready to engage students in literature as a framework for responding to the world in which they live.

Saturday, November 23

8:00 am

Carol Jago - High School Matters

Session J

Ballroom IV

Hot Reading Titles for Your Classroom. Carol Jago highlights this special secondary section. Participants will receive Carol's famous bookmark with the hottest book titles. In addition, they will have an opportunity to visit a roundtable regarding numerous literature topics and issues.

11:00 am

Carol Jago - Shared Inquiry on Critical Theory in the Literature Classroom: A Symposium on the Role and Value of Teaching Critical Theory to Adolescents

Session K

Convention Center 310

Leading scholars in the teaching of literature will offer opposing views of the proper role and value of literary theory in teaching literature to adolescent readers. Two additional leading scholars will respond briefly to their presentations. The session will also include an experiment in literary interpretation and an open discussion on the place of theory in the teaching of literature.

12:30 pm

Erik Palmer - Effective Inquiry Requires Effective Speaking: Teaching Oral Communication Skills to Improve Inquiry-Based Instruction

Convention Center 342

Speaking skills are an afterthought in most English classrooms. While every class at every grade level has student-speaking activities, very few teachers give specific instruction about how to be successful with those activities. Inquiry-based instruction requires us to stop shortchanging oral communication. How do students question? Often verbally. How do they discuss? Verbally. How do they interview? Verbally. How do they present their findings? Overwhelmingly, verbally. Learn how to improve the speaking skills of every student to make them confident, competent communicators. Experience activities and work with digital tools that develop and showcase oral communication while enhancing inquiry-based instruction.

Sunday, November 24

10:30 pm

Carol Jago - Teaching Social Emotional Skills through Literature 

Exhibitor Session

Johnson A/B

Studies demonstrate that well-designed SEL instruction can increase students’ academic achievement and improve life outcomes. But social-emotional learning entails more than a checklist of character traits. Students must learn to envision the lives of others and expand their ability to respond to others. For that, there is no better vehicle than literature. Books are safe spaces for exploring terrifying places. They transport us to other times, cultures, and worlds like no other vehicle can. Carol Jago will demonstrate how to engage students in powerful conversations about complex texts that build empathy and deepen comprehension. Engagement begins on the page! Receive a Learning Mindset poster.

Meet the Speakers

Join us for in-booth sessions with our thought leaders as they share insights that will improve your practice and help students succeed. Author Carol Jago will share the latest strategies on teaching social-emotional skills using literature, and Erik Palmer will demonstrate how to build winning arguments.

Carol Jago

HMH Author and Associate Director, California Reading & Literature Project at UCLA

1019310 Erik Palmer

Program Consultant, Into Reading and Into Literature