Lead the Way to Literacy Webinars


2016 Webinars

Tools for Addressing the Complex Language Demands of Academic Interaction

Dr. Kate Kinsella

October 27, 2016

Duration: 60 Minutes

A primary goal of U.S. college and career readiness initiatives is to ensure K-12 scholars develop the verbal skills to communicate effectively in diverse academic settings. Integrating routine classroom interactions that significantly improve students’ language and literacy skills is both a science and an art. Simply providing text-dependent questions and opportunities to collaborate with peers will not yield impressive linguistic results. Students at every age and reading level serve to gain from instructional guidance in targeted language to achieve a range of communicative goals within lesson interactions, from articulating and justifying claims to restating and comparing. Drawing on extensive experience teaching elementary and secondary English learners and developing readers, Dr. Kinsella details the language demands posed by text-based classroom collaboration and discussion and provides practical guidance and resources to help all students become more agile and confident communicators.

Enhancing Literacy Through Adaptive Technology to Meet the Needs of All Students

Dr. Ted Hasselbring

October 25, 2016

Duration: 60 Minutes

The combination of the science of learning principles with new digital learning platforms is shifting the way content is delivered and instruction is experienced for special-needs students across the country. This shift is possible because adaptive learning is now sufficiently powerful to support the early promises of customization across multiple platforms and real time adaptability to learner needs. In this webinar, Dr. Hasselbring will examine how literacy instruction can be enhanced for all students, but especially for students with special needs.

Supporting Literacy With Family Engagement

Sylvia Acevedo

October 20, 2016

Duration: 60 Minutes

Today, it's important to improve programs to actively engage parents in supporting their child's literacy development. This webinar highlights parent and family engagement literacy strategies that focus on linking learning and literacy activities to strengthening the relationships between the child and their family. Specific focus is given to family engagement strategies that support print awareness at young ages and that support children's reading capabilities as they grow older. Attendees will learn how to connect families and caregivers to the learning and enrichment of literacy at different stages in their child's life.

Fueling the Brain’s Affective and Cognitive Subcommittees for Literacy

Dr. David Dockterman

October 18, 2016

Duration: 60 Minutes

Literacy performance depends on a collection of the brain’s resources working together like a well-functioning committee. To master the complex components of reading and writing, students must want to succeed, believe that they can, and have the learning dispositions and behaviors that make it all possible. This webinar will consider how to organize the resources and foster the culture necessary to activate and sustain all of the reading brain’s subcommittees—phonologic, semantic, orthographic, executive, and emotional—for engaged, deep learning.

Changing Behavior. Changing Outcomes.

Dr. Allison Bruhn

October 6, 2016

Duration: 60 Minutes

General and special educators have long wondered if reading difficulty leads to behavior problems or vice versa. Regardless of the answer to this “chicken or egg” dilemma, there is a critical need for effective strategies to help students with reading and behavior issues. One strategy known to improve student engagement and outcomes for this population is self-monitoring. In this webinar, Dr. Bruhn will discuss the relation between reading and behavior, the importance of self-regulation skills for student engagement, and her research using technology-based self-monitoring to improve student outcomes in general and special education classes.

Teaching with Intention…and Heart!

Carol Jago

October 6, 2016

Duration: 60 Minutes

This webinar will focus on helping students lead literate lives. Author Carol Jago says she worries as much about students who don't read as she does about those who can't. In this webinar, attendees will garner ideas for integrating independent reading within their curriculum, providing scaffolding for student choice, and making assessment a natural part of the process. Jago will also showcase titles that are sure to pique students' interest.

Literacy Leads the Way in the Nation’s Most Rapidly Improving Schools

Dr. Bill Daggett

October 4, 2016

Duration: 60 Minutes

Dr. Daggett has led a national initiative for the past 10 years to find, analyze, and showcase the nation's most rapidly improving schools. Central to these schools’ success is a focus on literacy. In this webinar, Dr. Daggett will present how these schools have created a culture of high expectations for all students with a focus on 21st century literacy skills. He will also share how these schools define literacy and the actions taken to successfully and effectively implement a schoolwide literacy initiative.