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At HMH, we’re committed to shining a light on important issues in education and to convening conversations with education stakeholders that are as passionate as we are about finding dynamic and effective solutions to learning challenges. We had a thought-provoking and inspiring experience at SXSWedu 2015 in March, engaging in discussion with diverse thought leaders – from educators to entrepreneurs – and learning about some of the most exciting initiatives, research and accomplishments impacting today’s classrooms. We can’t wait to get back to Austin!

For SXSWedu 2016, we’ve put together three new session ideas exploring topics such as research to practice in the early learning space, the ways in which coding and open developer resources can enable creative problem solving, and the importance of mindset in achieving student success. If you are as inspired by these concepts as we are and want to learn more, we hope you’ll cast a vote via the SXSWedu PanelPicker, a crowd-sourced platform that enables the public to provide feedback and vote on the submissions they would like to see featured at SXSWedu 2016. 

Open Code: An Applied Workshop

Coding literacy, for both students and educators, is vital to the success of STEM curriculum and will prepare young people for achievement in career, college and beyond. Experts from HMH’s in-house ideation and innovation center, HMH Labs, including its Vice President Claudia Reuter, will lead a hands-on workshop that provides attendees with an introduction to using coding and APIs to create apps, leverage creative problem solving and connect the education community.

Learn more about the workshop here, and vote via the SXSWedu Panel Picker.

From Research to Recess: Early Learning in Practice

A surge of multi-disciplinary research, from neuroscience to psychology, has demonstrated the increasingly vital importance of early education for healthy development and long-term success. But how do we translate research into practice across the myriad settings in which young children learn – from the classroom to daycare to the home? Early learning experts Dr. David Dockterman, Adjunct Lecturer on Education at the Harvard School of Education and Chief Architect of Learning Sciences at HMH, Dr. Kelly Fisher, Assistant Director of the Science of Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Kathleen Plocinik, Director of Head Start at St. Jerome’s in Baltimore, and Susan H. Magsamen, SVP of Early Learning at HMH, come together to discuss.

For more information and to vote, visit the SXSWedu Panel Picker and check out this promotional video.

Mindset, Grit, and the Noncognitive Revolution

Dr. David Dockterman, Chief Architect of Learning Sciences at HMH, and Janna Peskett, Director of Digital Content and Curriculum Design at Mindset Works, will discuss the importance of grit and a growth mindset in students and teachers and debate how much “non-cognitive” skills really matter for student success. Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on their own mindsets, work with each other to articulate the gritty behaviors of good learners, explore ways to measure non-cognitive beliefs and skills, and share mechanisms for infusing growth mindset thinking into rigorous content learning. 

For more information, visit the SXSWedu Panel Picker.

Also check out proposals from other members of the HMH family, including program authors from Heinemann and HMH’s Intervention Services Group.

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