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Supporting Success for All Students

Building a Culture of Inclusion

HMH’s vision for inclusive education starts in the workplace. Our company culture celebrates the diverse demographics, geographies, and perspectives of the educators and students we serve. Our commitment to helping all students succeed is the foundation on which our products and services are built.

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Our Company Culture

At HMH, we attract, hire, and retain diverse talent, nurture an inclusive workplace, and create opportunities for meaningful conversations with one another. We believe that it is through learning that people find their voices, connect with others, and create a better world. Dig deeper into what HMH stands for and how we build a culture where everyone can thrive.

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DEI Council

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council is made up of a diverse group of employees across HMH. The Council engages all employees in taking action to achieve company-wide DEI goals.

Our CEO's Pledge

CEO Jack Lynch has signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Hiring Practices

We aim to increase the diversity of our employee base by growing our diverse talent pipeline through partnerships with external recruitment partners, direct sourcing, and leveraging relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Equity & Inclusion Office

HMH's Equity and Inclusion Office ensures that our curriculum programs and services foster a holistic understanding of the world and honor the diverse students, educators, and communities we serve each day. The office also encourages and supports the important work that our employee resource groups do.

Students have the right—it’s not a privilege, it’s a right—to walk into a classroom and know that they won’t feel othered. The Equity and Inclusion Office supports this right by elevating and expanding HMH’s vision for inclusive education in service of all students and teachers.

Benita Flucker

Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, HMH

Our CEID Pledge

HMH builds content and provides services that honor the rich diversity of our school communities. Here is our Content Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (CEID) pledge.

  • Reflect Diversity in Curriculum and Services

    Provide curriculum and services that are culturally affirming for all students, especially those often underrepresented. Ensure curriculum and services reflect and celebrate the rich diversity within our school communities, empowering all students and teachers.

  • Represent All Experiences Equitably

    Strive for equitable, nonbiased, and sensitive treatment and representation of all individuals, communities, and experiences across all programs, services, and platforms.

  • Ensure We Meet the Highest Standards

    Leverage our deep expertise in the K–12 space and engage with current scholarship on equity in education, ensuring HMH’s content development framework is informed by best practices and the highest standards.

  • Conduct Rigorous Reviews of Materials

    Conduct rigorous reviews of our materials throughout the development process, with insight from both internal specialists and third-party experts.

  • Listen, Learn, and Grow

    Listen to and learn from the educators and learners we serve. We will respect their feedback, grow from their advice, and act with their best interests at heart.

I used to think that I had to become a different person at work. I had to be this model of what I thought professionalism was, and it didn’t include all of me. Now I know that I come to a job where I’m fully seen. I walk through the door as I am.

Martha H. F.

Product Offering Senior Director and HMH AccessAbilities Co-Chair

Employee Resource Groups

HMH’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are formed around shared interests and life experiences. Our ERGs support personal development, strengthen our culture, and create space for employees to bring their whole selves to work. Their work includes reviewing programs, supporting the hiring of new team members, and building awareness of equity and inclusion across HMH.

  • HMH AccessAbilities

    This group celebrates the spectrum of how we learn, work, and express ourselves, providing a safe space for employees with disabilities, neurodiversity, and different abilities to celebrate strengths, discuss experiences, and synthesize solutions.

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  • HMH Asian Heritage and Advocacy

    This group fosters networking, professional development, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for Asian individuals and their allies, with a primary focus on recruitment, engagement, advancement, and retention.

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  • HMH Black Alliance

    This group provides a forum focused on improving the experience and engagement of Black employees, while promoting cultural awareness and understanding to disrupt biases and promote social justice.

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    This group provides a safe space to educate, network, create career opportunities, professional development, and mentoring opportunities for separated military veterans, their spouses, and families.

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  • HMH Mental Health Matters

    This group aims to create a safe space for authentic dialogue, advocacy, and education around workplace mental health and self-care. We believe mental health is a spectrum, intersecting with our diverse identities and unique stories.

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  • HMH Mindfulness

    This group provides mindfulness trainings and resources to cultivate inner calm, clarity, resilience, and connection to inspire a culture that balances professional success with well-being and the practice of self-care.

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  • HMH Pride

    This group provides a forum for the education, awareness, and professional growth of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies by fostering a safe workplace that encourages self-expression.

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    This group celebrates Latine and Hispanic employees and allies and focuses on cultural awareness, professional development, and community building.

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  • HMH Women Empowered

    This group’s mission is to champion women's success and spark positive change in a safe space where women and allies exchange ideas and support each other as they navigate their personal and professional journeys.

    Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358
Collection of HMH ERG badges WF1755358

Working Toward a More Equitable World

equity advisory council

Equity Advisory Council

The Equity Advisory Council for Learning (EACL) partners education scholars, practitioners, and advocates with HMH employees, forming a community of experts who work to ensure equitable K–12 curriculum.

members of innovation for equity sitting around a table

Innovation for Equity

HMH is a founding member and proud sponsor of Innovation for Equity (IFE), a collaboration of EdTech leaders who share a mission to improve life outcomes for Black learners and increase Black leadership in all areas of the teaching profession.

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Supplier Diversity Program

HMH fosters a culture that embraces small and diverse business owners, encourages partnerships with historically underrepresented ownership groups, and addresses barriers to inclusion.

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