Introducing #SparkAMind

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Learning happens everywhere. Everyday moments, large and small, spark curiosity.

At HMH, we are inspired continuously by the stories we hear from teachers, students, families and friends about how inquiry and discovery instill a lifelong love of learning, both in the classroom and beyond. We believe that education is empowering, that passion for knowledge is infectious and that sharing ideas with others fuels creativity and builds community. That’s why we are inviting teachers and students of all backgrounds and ages to join us in celebrating the power of learning by sharing inspiring stories about their own defining life lessons.

We want to hear about the experiences that have sparked passion, imagination and curiosity in your own lives – from your child’s first visit to the library to a family star-gazing session to your classroom’s best field trip ever.

Join us on social media and use #SparkAMind to tell us how you foster a love of learning in others and how others have motivated you to follow your own curiosity. We’ll be gathering these stories on our webpage, where we will build a dedicated space for sharing ideas, resources and inspiration for education.

It is essential that all children have the opportunity to embrace the spirit of learning, starting from the moment they are born. That’s why for every use of #SparkAMind, HMH will donate a book to a nonprofit partner that shares our mission for ensuring all learners have access to the resources they need to thrive.

Thanks for joining us – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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