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Kindergarten Remote Learning Summer Science Activities: Up in the Sky

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Welcome! We’ve provided a variety of learning activities to engage your child in a scientific exploration of objects Up in the Sky. So, let’s begin!

Exploring Up in the Sky with Labs and Activities

Plan a Severe Weather Safety Kit

In this activity, children learn more about a type of severe weather and plan a weather safety kit. This activity takes approximately 30–40 minutes.

Measuring Weather with Tools

In this activity, children collect weather data and describe patterns when making observations. You will need access to weather tools such as a weather chart, rain gauge, thermometer, or windsock. This activity takes approximately 15–20 minutes a day for a week depending on the number of weather tools you use to make measurements. You may choose to make measurements for longer than a week.

Observing Patterns in Weather

In this activity, children explore patterns in changes in local weather conditions. This activity takes approximately 15–20 minutes a day for a week. You may choose to make observations for longer than a week.

Model Thunder

In this activity, children use a model to mimic the sound of thunder. This activity takes approximately 15–20 minutes.

Read About Things Up in the Sky!

Day, Month, Year

Let’s read about the effects of Earth’s movement.

Science Songs and Poems

Read and sing to learn about the sun.

Talk about what you learned about things Up in the Sky this week with your friends and family!

Keeping Up with COVID-19

To keep current with the science behind the COVID-19 virus, check out "Stopping the Spread of Infectious Disease: A Lab Activity Approach." You’ll find age-appropriate activities for your child to learn about stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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