Instructional Coaching Strategies Using Video: 4 Keys to Starting Right

July Video Enhanced Coaching Final

Specific instructional coaching strategies are key to the success of any coach or school leader. Enhance your existing instructional coaching strategies by using video to show a clearer picture of the classroom!

Coaching conversations without structure can take a turn for the worst very quickly. Having a toolkit of valuable strategies keeps you on track and improves the likelihood of success.

Video Can Be Intimidating

By following these four logical steps, you’ll improve your chances of creating the psychological safety needed for teachers to trust the process of instructional coaching using video. As instructional coaching expert Jim Knight likes to say, “Go slow to go fast.”

Take these baby steps to make sure you’ll use video every day to improve instruction in every classroom.

Video Coaching3
Want to Know What to Do Next?

If the teachers being coached are just starting to see themselves on video, they’ll be seeing themselves in a completely new light. That can be a terrifying experience. It’s important to be thoughtful about what you do next. Education leaders: You’ll need to work hard to help guide your colleagues through this process carefully to ensure success. 


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