Halloween Facts and Fun for Young Learners

Halloween Infographic Thumb 472

We know that play is an essential part of child development and that each day offers countless opportunities for learning. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for parents, educators and caregivers to encourage imagination with some spooky, costumed fun that stretches beyond Trick-or-Treating!

Dramatic, creative play is an ideal way to help young children learn practical presentation skills, role playing, perspective and empathy – all things essential for preparing children for school and life, whether they pretend to be doctors or ghosts and goblins. Give Halloween costumes another spin with extra dramatic play activities – ask your children to create a spooky (or happy!) story about his/her costumed character. What is the story about, and where does it take place? Build fun props for your characters, perform for family members or even create paper-bag puppets to join the cast of characters – your decorated bag can double as a storage container for all of those sweet treats.

Make sure to capture the fun with pictures, and share your images and ideas with Curious World via Facebook and Twitter. Let’s kick-off the celebration with some fun facts about October 31!

Happy Halloween from HMH!

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