#FollowTheFedora: Carmen Sandiego Day With Gina Rodriguez

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Jan. 8 marked the 30th anniversary of Carmen Sandiego Day, an event first established in the 80s when teachers and students dressed up and played games as characters from the successful computer game. To celebrate "Carmen Day," we hosted an event with Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Florida—livestreamed nationwide. Students were introduced to the new voice of Carmen, Gina Rodriguez, and to the Netflix series. HMH CEO Jack Lynch kicked things off alongside Alberto Carvalho, the school district's superintendent, and invited Gina onstage to talk about her personal connection to Carmen. 

“When I was your age, she was my world. She was my hero, and now I get to be her,” Gina called out to the enthusiastic crowd of students as they waved flags representing various countries from around the world. 

Gina shared what it meant to her to become the voice of Carmen Sandiego and then led students in a competition and geography-based quiz show inspired by the original Carmen Day games. To cap the event, attendees were shown early clips of the upcoming Netflix series. 

More than 1,700 students attended in Miami. Meanwhile, schools across the country were encouraged to create their own classroom events, dedicated to cultural awareness and inquiry-based learning, before tuning in to the live event.

Local media also got in on the celebrations in Miami, including Roxanne Vargas from NBC6 News and the Miami Herald.

Our HMH staff are so excited for a new generation of learners to fall in love with Carmen Sandiego, just like we did.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Who knows! But if you missed her in Miami, you can still catch up here.


Get your students ready for the new Carmen Sandiego Netflix series using these resources. Celebrate Carmen Sandiego Day in your classroom: Host your own Carmen quiz show, create class maps, travel the world on Google Earth™, and more!

You can also follow Carmen Sandiego on Twitter and Facebook. #FollowTheFedora

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