Black Lives Matter: A Commitment from HMH

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A focus on social justice has long been at the core of who HMH is as a company. In recent years, we have made equity in education a clear priority, and three years ago, we created an internal task force for Content Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. This important effort focuses on these areas, including increasing representation of diverse voices across our solutions and supporting culturally responsive pedagogy.

And now, we are taking the time to step back and be thoughtful—to examine the work we have been doing and think through how we can build upon it or where it may need to refocus. We want to ensure that our commitments are intentional, actionable, and designed for long-term and ongoing impact.

It’s also important that the teachers, schools, and readers we serve have no doubt about where we stand on the issue of racism and the ways we are using our platform to make much-needed change. That’s why today we posted our commitment. Black Lives Matter.

We believe Black Lives Matter. We believe in social justice. We believe learning is a fundamental right. We believe the education system needs to change, and we will continue to use our platform to make that change.

We Commit to:

Start at Home.

Take direct actions to attract, hire, and retain more diverse talent, nurture an inclusive workplace, and accelerate our commitment to company-wide anti-bias training. Create opportunities for meaningful conversations about what it means to be anti-racist.

Amplify Black Voices.

Ensure that literature penned by Black authors is represented in our learning programs. Empower diverse author voices in our literature and nonfiction.

Leverage Our Scale.

Provide the opportunity for all students to gain a deep understanding of the history of racism in the United States and beyond. Build a framework and curriculum for teaching anti-racism, and provide free and easy access to these materials.

Lobby for Change.

Acknowledge the systemic factors perpetuating inequity in our schools and allocate resources to create change, from standards to ensuring that struggling schools receive MORE—more resources to close the gap and more funding to support families.

Teach Social Justice.

Deliver materials that teach students about identity, inclusion, honoring diversity and other cultures, and what it means to be an active citizen.

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