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Summative Assessment hero

To better understand what is arguably the more contentious of student assessments, we take a deep dive into the question: What is the purpose of summative assessment in education?

Dr. Vytas Laitusis
Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Math

WF1985950 Hero Banner

Broward County Public Schools Teacher of the Year Dr. Claudia Singkornrat gives insight on her school’s 4-day schedule and how it impacts student learning.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

Math 180 Frequently Asked Questions Hero

Find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Math 180, an intensive intervention program known for helping to raise student achievement in math by more than two years in one school year.

Robert Hansen
Vice President Product Management, HMH

WF1943213 Shaped 2024 Blog Post What Is Academic Vocabulary Hero

Learn about what is academic vocabulary and find strategies for effective vocabulary instruction.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

WF1964639 Hero Banner

Kindergarten teacher Melissa Hawkins joins us from Hawai'i to discuss student engagement, literacy instruction, and connecting with families.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

Summer learning activities for elementary and middle school students

As the school year ends, keep kids engaged with these fun summer school activities for elementary and middle school students.

Richard Blankman
Shaped Executive Editor

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

Explore 6 out-of-the-box field trip ideas for middle school students to connect them to real-world learning that they’ll always remember.

Amanda Clark
Shaped Contributor

WF1995913 Shaped 2024 Classcraft blog migration images27

Discover 4 skills students can develop by teaching literacy in all content areas. Literacy is an important for success in all subjects.

Marie Swan
Shaped Contributor

Mothers Day Hero

Check out our list of 13 Mother’s Day celebration ideas for school. From primary to middle school, explore fun Mother’s Day classroom activities and projects.

Marcela Grillo
Writer, Girls Write Now

Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor

teacher and student reading a book

Learn more about phonics—the relationship between the sounds of language and the letters that represent those sounds.

Dr. Shane Templeton
Foundation Professor Emeritus, Literacy Studies, University of Nevada, Reno; Into Reading Program Author

HMH Read 180 Frequently Asked Questions Hero

Read 180 is an intervention reading program notably known for helping Grades 3–12 students gain one or more years of average growth in one year. Discover the answers to Read 180 frequently asked questions to learn more about this solution.

Cathy Ferrara
VP Product Management, Supplemental & Intervention Solutions, HMH

What Is an Exit Ticket in School Hero Image

This article answers the question, “What is an exit ticket in school?” Plus, learn why this formative assessment type is important in the classroom.

Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor

WF1995913 Shaped 2024 Classcraft blog migration images31

Explore 9 classroom discussion strategies that can help you to engage all students while keeping them on track.

Jenny Fulton
Shaped Contributor

WF1529100 Shaped 2022 Blog Post Reading Intervention Strategies for Struggling Readers Hero

In order to accelerate students’ reading to grade-level proficiency, here is a list of reading intervention strategies to help students make progress.

Dr. Amy Endo
Education Research Director, Supplemental & Intervention Language & Literacy

WF1889402 Shaped 2024 Blog Post What is English Language Development Hero

Learn to support multilingual learners in English language development (ELD) with the following standards, strategies, and activities.

Jennifer Corujo
Shaped Editor

Easter Classroom Activities hero

Hop to it! Try these hands-on Easter activities for elementary and middle school students. Your class will have fun while sharpening reading, writing, and STEM skills.

Brenda Iasevoli
Shaped Executive Editor

Alicia Ivory
Shaped Editor

WF1936631 Hero

Find out more about the different types of formative assessment that help assess student progress during learning in the classroom

Amber Silverman
Shaped Contributor

WF1877998 Hero

Find tips for integrating math technology in the classroom, along with insights into what makes technology effective in math class.

Erin Bailey
Elementary Instructional Coach

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