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Back to Vacation: Activities for French Class

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The school year is well underway, and your French classes are moving right along. Yet students still seem to have vacation on their minds. It’s understandable. Language learners often begin with a curiosity about other cultures—and likely a touch of wanderlust. Maybe your students long to smell the lavender fields of Provence or witness the history in Belgium’s gothic architecture. Others may wish to see the snake charmers in Marrakesh or stroll along the beaches of Martinique.

No matter what the specific goal, the desire to travel abroad is a common reason why students study a new language. So, why not allow them to indulge in some of those travel fantasies and have them plan their dream vacation—in French?

This activity [download PDF] will engage them in both the interpretive and presentational modes of communication and activate prior knowledge of vocabulary while introducing them to new words and perhaps new places in the French-speaking world.

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Use HMH’s Activities for French Open-Source Content to guide students through the online research process. These activities offer key search terms and useful phrases related to the topic of En vacances while also providing a space for students to organize their ideas step by step as they interpret what they read and view online, select a place to visit, and prepare a presentation of their itineraries.

As they begin their research, students should start with the Retour de vacances page on HMHfyi Français, which provides access to current, authentic French media sources related to the topic of vacation. Students can turn to the Strategies section for additional support on interpreting and using authentic sources in the target language.

So, whether your students have just returned to school from summer vacation, are thinking about spring break, or are just planning what they might do one day, it’s always a good time to dream of exciting places to go and things to do!


Learn more about HMH’s French program, Bien dit!

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