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100th Day of School Snack Ideas

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Congratulations! You and your elementary students have officially made it to the 100th day of school. To commemorate the day with fun activities, you can have your students dress up like they are 100 years old, do 100-piece puzzles, or had them practice their numbers and counting with a math activity. Round out the 100th day theme with some snacks to treat your class!

If you are in a remote or hybrid classroom, parents and kids can be given one of the following snack challenges to do at home. Then have each student share what they've brought to the table for the 100th day.

100th Day of School Treats for Your Class

Before choosing which snacks to serve, be sure to take into account any food allergies or sensitivities that your students may have. It's a good idea to provide alternatives to snacks that include nuts or sugar, so that everyone can participate in the festivities in a healthy way!

Mixed Snacks

A great way to adjust for the requirements of your classes’ dietary needs is to mix and match snacks. Various snacks can be counted out ten by ten until a student reaches a total of 100 for an exercise in addition.

For example, in this 100th Day of School trail mix activity, students can separate and count ten of each fruit, nut, and treat in the recipe in order to make their own trail mix. Two recipes—one with nuts and one without—can help students visualize what the number 100 looks like in front of them.


Kick off your class with a breakfast bar to get students ready for the special activities you have planned for the day. Have your students chow down on Cheerios while stringing 100 pieces together, or provide some toast cut into lines and mini bagels to form the number 100 on their plate.

You can also use various breakfast foods laid out in a pattern. Alex (Instagram user @breakfastartwithalex) used bacon, avocado, strawberries, and blueberries to mark the occasion for her child on the 100th day of first grade. These breakfast foods can be adapted or revised to suit your students as well.


For a healthy option for the class, several types of vegetables can be sliced and used to create the number 100. Ones can be made using carrots, celery sticks, or red pepper slices. Zeros can be created with rounds of cucumber, tomatoes, or even black olives. How many variations can your students make with each veggie provided?


Pizza parties are a classic highlight of school for many students. To celebrate the 100th day, take toppings like pepperoni, peppers, or olives, and spell out the number 100 on the pizza before it’s baked.

Rather than use extra toppings, Jo (Instagram user @doingthatthingwedo) cut her cheese pizza into the number 100 for her son’s virtual class celebration.


For those that want to switch up the classic pizza party, sandwiches or wraps can also be laid out to form each number of 100. Sandwiches can be cut into longer strips to form a “1,” while wraps can be sliced into circles in order to form the zeros of the number 100. When laid out side-by-side, one sandwich and two wraps would make 100 on each plate!


Another healthy option to consider is fruit. Berries and slices of oranges make great zeros, while pears and apples can be sliced into straws for the ones. Consider making a fruit salad of your ones and zeroes as well for an easy way to serve it to your class without a surplus of sticky hands.

Check out Tabitha’s (Instagram user @tabathasays) charcuterie board that she made for the 100th day of school for inspiration.

However your class chooses to celebrate the 100th day of school, be sure to keep the snacks on theme with these ideas.


For more ways to celebrate the 100th Day of School with your students:

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