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100th Day of School Dress-Up and Costume Ideas

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100th Day of School Dress-Up and Costume Ideas

Happy (almost) 100th Day of School! It's a great time to take stock of all that you have learned and how far you and your class have come since day one together—and what's a party without a good costume theme?!

Try one of these 100 days of school dress up ideas with your class to celebrate the big 1-0-0.

100th Day of School Costume Ideas and Outfits

Count to 100

One idea is to attach 100 of something to a T-shirt. Get counting with...

Cotton balls!


Pom-poms! Or use anything that can easily be counted out and attached to a shirt, such as googly eyes, puzzle pieces, or stickers.


Be 100x Loveable

Put your relationships with your students first by wearing 100 of their favorite things. 1st grade teacher Carly Robertson talks to her students about their favorite things and then incorporates them into her 100th Day of School outfit.

Practice self-love by having your students pick 100 photos of themselves to create a wearable collage of their many faces and expressions!


Go Old School

Mrs. Gunn rocks the walker and fannypack as a 100 year old teacher (while also nine months pregnant—a medical marvel)!

These young "whippersnappers" can make you feel like you're 100 years old. Take a page from Ashley Sharp (One Sharp Bunch) and roll up to class with curlers in and a cozy robe on.

Age really is just a number, baby! Your students can also dress up like they're 100 years old—but be prepared for some extremely cute ensembles.


100th Day Hats and More

Decorate paper hats with the number 100, memories of the last 100 days, or by drawing 100 of something.

Once you and your students are all in your 100th Day of School outfits, take a photo together to commemorate 100 days! I love this little social media wall from 1st grade teacher Kara, using mylar balloons and a tablecloth as her backdrop.

Have More 100th Day of School Outfit and Costume Ideas?

If you have more 100th Day of School dress-up ideas for teachers or students, let us know by emailing or sharing them with us on Twitter (@LeadAndLearn).


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This blog, originally published in January 2020, has been updated for 2021.