From the HMH Archives: Amazing Science Experiments

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Are you a science teacher looking for videos to help your students understand chemical phenomena? How about some phenomena that are too dangerous to try at home? Look at what the learning architects at HMH dug up! Explore some amazing science experiments where scientists are mixing dangerous chemicals, toying with severe heat and cold, and blowing things up. Each extreme experiment explores a different phenomena and not only shows the experiments, but gives insight into why it works. Take a look, and DO NOT TRY THESE AT HOME!

Extreme Chemistry Experiments

If you like these videos, stay tuned for our next installment with more extreme chemistry experiments. And teachers, we've provided a chart that lists all of the experiments below and what topics they relate to. We also connect them to specific lessons of Science Dimensions Chemistry, California Chemistry in the Earth System, and Modern Chemistry.

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These videos were dug up from our archives, but at HMH, we are always looking for solutions to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s innovators. To learn more, visit

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